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CV1 demos: ShowDown VR, Landscape mountains (paragliding), Acroball, Stunt kart, Sun temple

Level 5
/u/RickiDangerous has has recompiled some of the old demos for SDK 1.3.0 and posted them on reddit:

You need Oculus Home installed. From the Oculus window, go into Cog > Settings > General > Unknown Sources and turn it on. Then you can run applications from outside Oculus Home.

Level 10
We need more devs like 2EyeGuy and RickiDangerous, let's go devs, update all these old builds :smile: 
I am a spacesim/flightsim/racesim enthusiast first 🙂 I9 9900k@5.0, 32gb RAM/ 2080ti Former DK2, Gear VR,CV1 and Rift S owner

Level 8
This is fantabulous - don't let these demos die!

Level 3
MOTHER OF GOD, i have downloaded showdown, suntemple, and all of them is god DAMN it impressive on DK2 1.3, we can clearly see the difference between no ATW and with ATW, I have crank up the screen percentage in both demo from the default to the "HMD SP 200"

boy oh boy, not only the graphic is very crisp, but the usual shitty JUDDER is GONE, usually the judder will appear even when i reach HMD SP 130-150 but this is freaking SP 200 man !!!, using ATW now I can see the fps is still low in a certain scene where special fx like fire occur, but your head movement in the HMD is not affected by it and still buttery smooth, this is god send, great job oculus, now i believe UE4 is a better option for a more serious indie to create a compelling world, just look at the suntemple, this is amazing, you can see from the lighting, the reflection on the floor, the high detail,  top notch. 

this make me want to scream, please all DEV please please please UPDATE all of your app to 1.3 SDK ASAP, you do not know what you are missing if you are not using ATW.

Level 4
All 7 of these run on my DK2 with 1.3

Check out my youtube channel with Oculus Game/Demo Videos! ... OkielbyReg

Level 7
Can anyone confirm whether Landscape Mountains does indeed work with the CV1, and is it an easy process to get going?  My new build arrives today, so am hoping to be set up tonight, and Landscape Mountains is one of my main targets.

Level 7
To answer my own question...........  Yes.  Indeed it does, and it's butter smooth.  An amazing sensation of flight, although I'll have to tackle it in small doses while I toughen up my VR legs 🙂

Level 5
Excuse my ignorance, SP?  What is it and where is it in the menu to adjust?