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Fire Department Experience

Level 2
Dear VR enthusiasts,

We at Warp are really enthusiastic about the possibilities to use VR not only for fun but also for people to learn something. Therefore we have created the WarpVR app in combination with our Warp Studio

Within the Netherlands, we have created a VR experience that makes people aware of the dangers of Fire and how to prevent them. This app can be downloaded in the Playstore and the Apple Store (we restricted downloads to the Netherlands). We also want to have an app in the Oculus Store. However, we do not seem to get the app through the review. We have passed every technical requirement and do not seem to get any additional feedback from Oculus on why it can not be in the store without the need of a key. The only reason I can think of is that Oculus might not think our experiences to be thrilling enough. 

So dear community, I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think is the reason that this app is not allowed in the store?

You can generate a key to download the app through the following link (press the 'generate key' button to get your key, de text is in Dutch):

Looking forward to your answers! With your input we can improve the app! Thanks!

Kind regards

Adriaan Rijkens

CTO Warp Industries


Here you can find the e-mail we received from Oculus to tell us why we are not in the store:

Sep 27, 1:13 PM PDT 

Hi Adriaan,

Thank you for your submission. After reviewing your app, we've decided that the app does not meet the standards to be included in the Oculus Store.

We have enabled Oculus Key generation on your submission so that you can distribute your content through the Oculus platform. Oculus Keys are free for you to use and can be generated through the Developer Centerunder the "Platform" tab while managing your build. More information on Oculus Keys is available here.

Due to the volume of submissions, we can't offer specific feedback at this time. To get an idea of the content standards required for the Oculus Store, please take a look at our publishing documentation, especially our Best Practices and Publishing Requirements. You can also look through the games and applications that we currently feature.

We continue to monitor user metrics for our all apps, and any titles that show outstanding user adoption, game play time, etc. are reviewed regularly for conversion into the main section of the Oculus Store.


The Oculus Store Team