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Fireworks Visualizer with Your Music [Demo]

Level 2
Fireworks Visualizer to your own Music! Light In the Night.

Updated Demo: 6-26-2014

Ported the project to the iPhone and added Augmented reality. Its a free download. You pick a song on your iPod and it blasts the fireworks to the beat in the world using more augmented reality than virtual reality with the back camera as a view finder. The coolest part is you can capture your expierence and share your creations on social networks using the EveryPlay service.

Energy - Augmented Reality Music Visualizer [FREE]

Capture from Energy shared on Youtube.

I would love feedback.

Updated Demo: 12-17-2013

Based on tips and advise, I was going for experience. Download the latest client. Lay back and look up! High, Mid, Base now have their own emitter and the fireworks are now over one's head. If this is liked I think I am going to submit it to Share. Music Starts after 30 seconds.

Video Review by ganjaroach.

Latest Links Below.

Windows -

Mac -

Linux -

Updated Demo: 12-14-2013

I started to polish the visuals. You are now on the tip of the cliff looking out into the ocean. You hear the sounds of nature as the sky gets dark. You see the spores in there air contrast against the night's sky and hear the first note. Cool thing about fireworks over water, is well fireworks over water, so check it out! I feel like I got a good size for scale in the demo! Headphones recommended.

See below for updated links to latest demo.

New Screenshot:


To Play Your own MP3

1) Download LightInTheNight for your platform
1a) Windows -
1b) Mac -
1c) Linux -

2) Use Audacity -> to convert any .mp3 into .ogg format.

3) Audio file must be renamed as firework.ogg

4) Put it in LightInTheNight correct data folder
4a) Windows its in LightInTheNight_Data folder
4b) Mac, right click Show Package Contents -> Contents folder
4c) Linux its in the LightInTheNight_Data folder

Launch LightInTheNight, Day -> Night Transition is 15 seconds and then it starts the show!


- Matt

Here are some screenshots.

I'll try and capture a video.

Future Plans:
- DONE - Syncing Fireworks to the Music's Beat
- DONE - Being Able to Choose your Own Music for the Show!
- DONE - Optimized and Smaller Client
- Streaming in Music
- Multiple Songs/Playlist
- Open to Ideas

- Matt

Level 7
This looks really neat! Can't wait to see more of it. I think one idea I would offer (unless you've already done it) is to optionally have the fireworks light up the landscape below a tiny bit, to give a similar effect of VR Cinema's screen lighting up the movie theater.
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Level 5
It looks cool! Can't wait to try it!

Level 2
I was able to get Unity AssetStore "Visualizer Studio" made by Altered Reality into the Unity App so that the Fireworks are now controlled by the base/mid/treble of the song and not random timing. If its a base change the fireworks are low on the horizon, if its a mid change the fireworks are in the middle of the sky, and if its a high change the fireworks are way up in the sky. I take into account the timing of the rocket so it explodes on the beat.

Going to do some optimization/cleanup this week and make it so users can stream in their own MP3 and watch the show. Still planning that out. There is a class to stream audio in Unity's WWW class as long as I can dump that into an AudioSource we are good.

I hope to get a demo out soon.

- Matt

Level 3
nice fireworks.
get your game on ....

Level 2
Really looking forward to the demo, so I can show it to my daughter, she's just discovered fireworks!

Level 4
neat! can't wait to let those explode millimeters from my face!

Level 2
I am going to share the Mac Demo in its current state.

I call it "Light In the Night" I am open to name changes 😉 <-- Mac Only! (Original Demo, For Current Demo see Top Post)

The Day->Night transition will last about 90 seconds before the fireworks and song start.

The song is built inside the application. Working on specifying a mp3 in the root folder of the app to load your own mp3 in it to experience your own music.

I would love some feedback, experiences, and ideas to make this final.

Thanks again.

- Matt

Level 2
I built a Windows Version of the Demo in its current state from Unity as well.

Here is the link to the demo! <-- Windows Only (Original Demo, For Current Demo see Top Post)

- Matt

Level 2 about going three for three and building for Linux (x86 x86_64 Universal), too? 🙂 I'd like to check out the fireworks!
I'd appreciate it!