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How We Blew £100K in ONE Day!

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Watch the Video

Anyone you speak to that has been on the epic quest of making a video game will tell you that the marketing is by far the most difficult part of that journey.

Embarking into game development for the very first time and with no existing user community waiting for our release, we were well aware that we had a tough task to be heard above all the noise of other more well financed and seasoned distributors.

So we tried to do everything right, we released footage and trailers at every step of the development, we set up on social media, we reached out to the gaming community.

Cue tumbleweed…

The truth is that we are at a time in history when we have never had so much digital media available; so when an independent game developer like GamestormVR releases their offering it is not so much that nobody cares but more a case that nobody can hear you.

“In the Entertainment Media Space, no-one can hear you Scream!”

In our case, we ended up spending everything we’d raised to make the game which meant we had nothing left to market the thing….until now!

By hook or by crook we knew that we had to tell the world about our creation and hell, if Disney spends mega bucks marketing an established franchise like Star Wars, and they do, then you can be damn sure that a small outfit like us needs to go BIG or die trying to be heard.

So having sold stuff, begged and borrowed and pimped out the better looking members of team, we came up with the princely sum of £98,423.50. Okay it’s not £100K as advertised but hey! cut us some slack, we’re working here ok!

Then we went BIG, We blew the whole damn lot in one day advertising at the locations featured in the game in the city of London, England. Watch the Video


Level 11
Impressive, i'll go check out your game and come back...

EDIT: Just checked out your game on Steam, looks good, graphics look decent and the price seems fair. I'll buy your game when I get home from Crossfit tonight and I'll reply back with my review.

Good job! 🙂
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I like how tongue in cheek this video is .. if you know what I mean 🙂
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Be kind to one another 🙂

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Im wondering if you would have reached more people by paying that money to "influencers" "Opinion steering companys" and targeted Facebook ads.

Level 13
So is it any good?  Any reviews from people here?

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Atmos73 said:

Oh my you spent £100,000 on one days advertising? Yikes.

Firstly the OP boasts spending large sums of money yet couldn’t post a link to the Steam page? 

When I look on Steam I get a completely different game by the same name. Which actually looks better even though it’s not VR.

Just do some numbers here. Some of the biggest AAA VR games only sold around 100,000-200,000 copies. So to me that’s the most you cound expect to sell if your game was up there on the same level. Looking realistically at your game you’d be lucky to sell a fifth of that so between 5,000-10,000 copies. So if you’re game sells for £11.50 you’d have to sell 8700 copies just to make back the £100k! Slim chance.

I don’t know who’s 100k you spent but I would of kept it and spent it else where. Then sack the person who tried to persuade you to spend 100k and save another £50k in wages.

But to be honest either the Video is a spoof the 100k is a spoof or I’m a spoof.

@Atmos73 a few things     
  • Steam link:
  • This was obviously a PR stunt, you can clearly tell these adverts are CGI on some London footage
  • I would appreciate a less aggressive tone 
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Be kind to one another 🙂

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Volunteer Moderator

Yep I think the clue is in the sites chosen... you just can't hang banners on some of those things no matter how much money you paid. To be fair though, that tongue-in-cheek was pretty subtle!

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