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Jurassic Park VR

Level 3
When I got my Oculus Rift I thought hard about what kind of experience I wanted to create, and wondered "if I could go anywhere, fictional or not, where would it be?" and the answer was obvious - Jurassic Park! So for a little under a week I have been working whenever I can on a rift project that will aim to take you on a tour of as much of the island as I can create by myself.

The game (if you can call it that) will take you on a tour of the park from the inside of a Ford Explorer, and I also hope to add a kind of "free-roam" mode.

I apologize if you're expecting a demo because there isn't one yet, but I do aim to have build I would feel like sharing within a week if all goes to plan. I do have some images to share with you, although it's worth mentioning that a lot of the texturing is unfinished and there aren't a huge number of assets that have been finished yet.

The raptor pen is what I'm currently working on. It's not finished but here's a picture anyway lol.

Sorry I don't have more to show. I kind of just wanted to mention what I'm working on because I can imagine a lot of other people have or will have the same idea. If you're one of them, pm me and we should talk.

Feedback and ideas will be welcomed. ๐Ÿ™‚

PS - Sorry about the image sizes. Is there a way to resize them with BBCode?

Level 4
I hope you find some time as would love to see a demo for this. I get the feeling with IP and copyright, as there are a few obvious issues with a number of demos popping up, as long as it's free and not damaging the brand, should be ok. Until the studios want to cash in on the VR hype themselves and shut all fan versions down in order to promote / protect their own versions
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Level 2
I loved the movies and I love this.