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Level 1 Trailer for Attack Command - Looking for Beta Testers!!!

Level 4

Looking for Beta Testers!!!

Had to jump through some hurdles to get audio recorded from the Go. Other challenges have included getting the hand controller working properly, dialing in new enemies and weapons and balancing. The UI is mostly set and now we really feel that we can start busting out levels. Always happy to hear feedback and always looking for testers interested in having a look!


New graphics upgrades are coming to the environment and more varied and interesting cyberspace backgrounds. Weapons and enemies will also see upgrades, with fuel depots, giant, mechs, tanks, and much more in addition to an epic custom soundtrack!

Save cyberspace from the robot invasion! Attack Command is a retro arcade action game for the Oculus Go. Destroy hordes of attacking mechs, insectoids and other enemy machines. Explosions... Robots... Mechs... Lasers... Cyberspace... in this fully immersive classic arcade game. #Oculus #OculusGo #Retro #Arcade #IndieDev #VideoGame #action
Greg Bowen - Founder