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More functionality to PARTY features... more apps to support this... and making it easier...

Level 2

"Early adopter" living in Florida, and have successfully convinced my sister in New Jersey, my 2 daughters in Ohio, brother and best friend in NYC, and buddy in Florida to get their Oculus Quest 2! (just realized... that's 7... and i didn't even get commission on this! lol).


Though a bit convoluted, i love that we can create a "Party" and speak to each other, while trying to "do" something together.


The last few months my goals are usually to find a multiplayer game that I can enjoy with 2 or 3 of them at a time.  It was tough at first because the "playing with people you know" mechanism wasn't very intuitive... and i found it difficult to find easy instructions or tutorials on this. I've figured some of this out and now my goal is to identify some of the best games and apps "to do" with my party. 


I think a disservice is being done by Oculus as there should be a focus on making this process even easier. Why do i need to create a room or another party inside of a multiplayer app to enjoy it together? Just ask that this get easier to do if this is what we want.


Apps that seem to work well, and that i can share doing something with them:

1-Beat Saber



4-Crisis VRigade 1 (and Crisis Vrigade 2... although only 2 people max on that? Can do 3 in first version)

(would love suggestions for any apps/games that are working for people)


Apps that should get that "party" functionality... 

Youtube VR


Any other recommendations?