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Occupy - Original game for Oculus Go *Requires Joypad*

Level 4
Occupy is a retro arcade game designed for OculusGo.

you have 3:20 mins to complete the grid. You do not have to fill every square, just surround every tower with your colour and turn them blue (there are 54 towers). Enemies can kill you by crossing your hatched path, enemies cannot enter your solid blue area. You can kill enemies by crossing their hatched path. You cannot enter their solid orange area (you can only enter the enemies area if you are invincible).

The >> power-up makes you travel twice as fast for 25 seconds.

The * power-up makes you invincible for 10 seconds.

Press the A button to activate the power-up.

You score points by claiming space and killing enemies each tile you fill is worth 1 point. If you surround a tower you get 1000 points, and if you kill an enemy you get 100 points.

To make it a little harder you cannot always fill space when crossing boundaries (dark blue hatched edges of the cube). This is just so you cannot travel the circumference and fill a half of the grid. Generally, if you cross the boundary area and return within a 2 - 3 block spacing it will fill.


Level 4
This has just been released and is available for free.