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Ocean Rift (now with DK2 support)

Level 4
Edit : You can download the DK2 version of the demo here:

Ocean Rift v1.03 DK2
Blog post

I've basically gone back to the original demo I released this time last year and 'enhanced' it with extra animals and small examples of tech from the full version.


Hi everyone,

Ocean Rift is a deep sea demo I've developed while learning Unity. I've used it to test out lots of ideas about creating atmosphere underwater - I think some of it works really well.

Project Website
Download v1.01

In the demo you'll meet a number of different shark species, schooling fish and a humpback whale. In the deep you'll find a hungry Megalodon shark. To be honest you shouldn't really go down there, and you should definitely warn anyone else thinking about trying this demo about him too.

Would love to hear what you all think!

Flickr gallery :
YouTube :


  • Demo works best with a controller and headphones. I highly recommend setting the volume quite high as it adds a lot to the atmosphere when there's plenty of bass.

  • You can't swim, the main reason being everyone instinctively tries to swim for the surface, and there's nothing above sea level yet! Enforcing a ceiling was really uncomfortable, so for the time being you're wearing a deep sea suit.

  • The fish basically move around using tweening so there's no avoidance / collision code. You can interact with the Megalodon if you want though!

  • At the moment fog is calculated by simple depth. Unity's Global Fog image effect gives an amazing sense of vertical depth but image effects seem to be automatically order to occur after lense distortion which introduces artifacts. Don't think there's much I can do about this yet, unless anyone has any ideas.

  • I've tried to add as much polish as possible, but there are a few bugs like the occasional jittering and rarely you will fall through the terrain. Not sure what's causing this.

  • v1.01 - Slope limit increased. Tweaks to shark animation speed. 'F' key toggles fog mode between exp and exp2 for preference.

  • v1.02 - DK2 support. Enhanced version with extra creatures.

Developer of Ocean Rift. Follow me on Twitter @sfaok

Level 2
I want to share an idea i've got while playing this great demo.

Sometime it happen that i breathe out at the same time bubble get out of the mask.
This give me a good immersive feeling. What if you implement the use of a mic to detect breathing to sync bubble animation?

Level 2
I just tried it on the DK2 and nearly pooped myself when the shark tried to knash my head off! Nice work. Very immersive.

Particularly liked the stand-on button and popup transparent sign. That worked well.


Level 2
Wow, just WOW! Best experience of the 30 odd games/demos I've tried since getting my DK2 yesterday. Just spent 30 min slowly swimming round using a 360 controller while standing. I knew what was coming but it still shocked me. Cant wait for the full version.

One question though. I'm having a real bad time with chromatic aberration in nearly everything BUT this demo. How is your game so perfect? Is it just a side effect of everything having a blue tone?

Cheers for the demo!!!

Level 3
Any chance of seeing an OSX release?

Level 2
Hi There,
I think that this looks like a terrific demo. I'm having trouble getting the direct to rift file to display on my DK2 Rift. It shows up fine on the monitor, but nothing ever sends to the rift. Other direct demos are working fine. Any suggestions on what might be causing the problem in my case?


Level 7
Is a 0.7 compatible version in the works?