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Polygon Nightmare - Old School VR

Level 5
Hi. im Swedish guy with early dreams of VR since i first tried the "Virtuality" arcade machine "Nightmare" later called "Dactyl Nightmare". My goal is to bring my childhood dream back from the dead, for the historic value and because it was a lot of peoples first VR experience!

I have gain the original Programer and graphic designers blessing to recreate the game. but have failed to reach the actual owner of the Game.

The game will be Free of charge and should NOT be redistributed without my knowledge.

Everything is built from scratch and is measured by eye sight from this lone clip!
all 3D work is made in sketchup and all sound effects are taken from the original videoclip.

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Level 3
I used to play Daktyl Nightmare all the time in London at the Trocodero (if I remember correctly) and also in NYC at  South Street Seaport ( again, if I remember correctly) sometime around 1993-1994.  I was quite good at it, lol.  I think it was 3 or 4 pound coins to play in London, expensive but worth it, really fun game.  So here I am, 26 years later (omg) and about to buy my first home vr system, the quest.  So I have to ask... will Polygon Nightmare be available for it?  I see it isnt one of the first 50 games... but sometime later?  Thanks for any comments, would love to play this again.  Am curious to see what its like compared to a game like Superhot, which I've never played.  Is it really a 25 year jump in graphics and gameplay...?

Level 3

Breton said:

the real deal. @ Stockholm tech museum  

Hopefully i will be able to do a real size 3d model out of this, to remake the boring intro 🙂

Amazing to see those pics, brings back memories.  Great controller