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Polygon Nightmare - Old School VR

Level 5
Hi. im Swedish guy with early dreams of VR since i first tried the "Virtuality" arcade machine "Nightmare" later called "Dactyl Nightmare". My goal is to bring my childhood dream back from the dead, for the historic value and because it was a lot of peoples first VR experience!

I have gain the original Programer and graphic designers blessing to recreate the game. but have failed to reach the actual owner of the Game.

The game will be Free of charge and should NOT be redistributed without my knowledge.

Everything is built from scratch and is measured by eye sight from this lone clip!
all 3D work is made in sketchup and all sound effects are taken from the original videoclip.

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Level 16
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Level 4
Good work Mate!! I have watched your progress on here for a couple of years and am more than happy to buy your game, you earned it :#

Level 5
Thanks @dft69dg its exactly why i have strive forward every time i had a setback, to give people like my self the possibility to once again visit the first attempt of commercial VR fore a bigger audience.

And this humble project is going to be free of charge. because i do not own the title and possibly be reached by more users. 

My work has never been around profit. only the love of the Virtuality Arcade system fueling my dreams of commercial VR for 25 Years  ❤️ 

Level 7
Holy crap, I can't wait to try this!! Congrats!

Level 5
Your app will be released on 5/24 for free under the Gallery Apps section of the Rift store.

Judgment day is coming!  😄

Level 3
I'm so glad to hear that! My childhood dream is becoming reality! Thank you so much Mr. Breton!

How's the Steam version coming along?

Level 12
Steam publishing form (used to maintain quality on steam):
We can make monies from it?
If no, is it free?

If yes to either of these, quality checks complete amd passed.
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Level 5
Steam publishing is my next goal! i will have use of testers with Vive equipment. because i cant afford to own both HMD platforms  😕

Level 3
Awesome work! Great job man. Good luck with Steam!

Level 9
happy days, looking forward to this.
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