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[Prototype] Orbital Dogfight Release

Level 3

Stoked to announce the release of the Orbital Dogfight prototype!

Its Free and only 55 MGs.

Download it here: Woot!

Drop comments and questions below 😃

Level 15
Sorry, but based on your latest YT vids this app looks too complicated and hard to follow (for me at least).

Based on watching these 2x yt vids I decided to give this a miss for now.  Maybe when you have a final product I will look at it again.   Thanks for supporting the Oculus Rift though.

Edit; I see that you have now posted this on 3x Oculus forum threads now.
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Level 3
I am probably presenting it poorly unfortunately.
Feedback suggests that grokking the flight mechanics takes only a few minutes.

This next video probably wont help much but it is the latest: