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Reality Decks - DJ in VR - looking for beta testers

Level 3
Hi all,

We are looking for beta testers for our VR DJing app, Reality Decks. Here is a bit about it or just take a look at the teaser vid below.

To get the beta reply here or send your Oculus ID to

I'm a DJ/producer here in London and wanted to create the ultimate DJing system for VR. Reality Decks lets you DJ in VR using virtual turntables.

Features include:
- Load your own music and play as virtual vinyl (grooves produced through audio analysis)
- All turntable functions you would expect in a direct drive turntable - tonearm, pitch, 33/45, scratch, spinback
- Virtual headphones for cueing up the next record
- Real-time waveform displays on vinyl and for track progress
- Record your mix (custom multi channel audio engine, separate channels to VR audio)
- Simple controls, just grip and one button to load menu - use your avatar fingers to do the rest
- Avatar mirror to see yourself DJing - and dancing!

Teaser Video:

A closer look at the equipment:




Developer of Reality Decks

Level 9
hey, this looks cool, my oculus id is danknugz

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Level 3
I've just released another version with feedback from first beta testers - thank you guys.

Still slots if anyone wants to try it - just need your oculus login e-mail (or send it to

Improved UX from beta testing feedback – UI bigger, easier to read long album titles and remembers your selection
Headphones no longer disappear into mixer
Performance improvements
Can now deal with corrupted audio files
Bug fix to headphone/hand attachment
Bug fix whereby records got lost when left on the table

New video with better demo:

Developer of Reality Decks

Level 2
I've got some real gear I use for bedroom superstar turntablism. The app looks great I would love to play around and send you some feedback compared to my Tech12's and Serato. Let me know!

Level 3
@"Capt.Bowman" That's great. Sent you a PM, or just enter your details on the form on Thanks
Developer of Reality Decks