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Redturtle needs testers before the release

Level 2
Hi everyone,
We uploaded an alpha build of Redturtle to the Oculus alpha channel and we are looking for testers to give our experience a go. More about Redturtle: 

"Redturtle is an experience-driven, photo-real looking and scientific-based, real-time experience from QOVAQ. 

Sci-Fi Thriller Experience where the user controls and follows the Mars Rover as it moves across the planet. Photographing, digging, drilling, taking samples, and generally investigating the landscape...

What starts as an optimistic scientific almost sterile mission, slowly descends into a dark experience with unknowns towards the end."

We are still editing the page as we go so please let us know if you need more information or anything specific.

Known issues with this build: 

- Intro is WIP

- Credits are missing

- SFX edits are not final

- Minor collision bugs and crashes during load

Please let us know and looking forward to hearing from you.


Level 3
Would love to test