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Sentinel - Homage to The Sentinel game from 1986 WIP

Level 3

Get it here:!pMoFSCAY!bxzzjn8FPpiqf6oNY8SsoSarioPvSFpZsUhpTRurmIg

A kind of work-in-progress homage to The Sentinel. A game released in 1986 , developed by Geoff Crammond.

I loved this game and played it a great deal on my Spectrum and then, Amiga.

Wanting to visit the abstract world of The Sentinel I began to experiment.
This demonstration shows my effort to date.
There is no logic or gameplay. So you'll just have to IMAGINE you are absorbing trees, creating copies and avoiding the sentinels gaze. However, you can rotate your view with keys A (left) and D (right).
I was curious to see how head input might potentially work with fix positional rotation.
I found that anything but fast rotation speeds resulted in sim sickness on my part. Hence the fast rotaion speed, which has no bad side effects on me at all.

Level 3
On of my FAV's on the Speccie 🙂 This and Anta Attack 🙂

Level 3
Oh jolly heck yes! The idea of guiding and protecting a vulnerable npc was ahead of its time I think. 😄 Perhaps an influence for ICO?

Level 15
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Level 3
😄 thank you. I'm having fun creating this one.

Level 3
Awesome sauce. Great nostalgia!
Android VR Developer.

Level 2
very nice - also loved the old sentinel 🙂

Level 3
Was just reading some Oculus documentation on Unity 5 ... r-unity-5/

This image in particular made me think of Sentinel the game from my c64 and amiga. ... leport.png

I thought this game would be PERFECT for VR!

A quick google and as expected "If you think of something someone will have done it already and you will find it on the internet" and it brought me to this thread.

Wondering how things were going?

I would definitely pay for this game if done right.
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Level 2
Fantastic effort, thanks so much for putting this together. The Sentinel was just one of those perfectly constructed games that can exist on any platform in any decade - certainly it has this in common with chess. It never relied on graphics or high-end hardware, but the idea of experiencing that sense of claustrophobia and being watched as well as the static perspective means this game will finally have found its home.

I imagine the transition from starting in a canyon to achieving the highest point in the land will look spectacular in a VR headset. Please count me in:

You might also want to speak to these guys: ... -game.html


Level 5
Damnit , you did it !!!
Awesome !!!
Thank you !