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Starship Bridge Demo - Beta

Level 4
This is a VR environmental demo based on the Star Trek Voyager bridge.

Historical Documents are now available for viewing!
Version 0.2 released for testing (don't post to reddit yet please). See update info below.

Press ALT-ENTER to enter fullscreen Rift mode.

You may need to download and install the Microsoft VC++ redistributable here.

I recommend wearing headphones. There are three audio dialog cues you can find and trigger. Press 'e' to fire photon torpedoes.

Made in Unreal Engine 4. It runs at 60fps on my machine with a 760gtx in Oculus Rift mode.
Not sure how it will fare on other hardware.

If someone with a gamepad could test that it works with one I would appreciate it.

Additional screenshots

Download demo. (~114mb)

People have been having trouble getting it from Google Drive so added a Mega download as well.


Update: v0.2 : The Historical Documents are now available for viewing!

1.) Set Windows monitors to "extend desktop" instead of "clone".
2.) Visit using Google Chrome.
3.) Select and play one of the 700+ historical documents.
4.) Launch Bridge Demo v0.2
5.) Geek out.

(NOTE: Please don't post this on Reddit or anywhere else just yet, this update is just intended for testing and finding issues with the video capture and playback code.)


Level 2
Getting this error trying to download:

403. That’s an error.

We're sorry, but you do not have access to this page. That’s all we know.

Level 4
"tlp" wrote:
Getting this error trying to download:

403. That’s an error.

We're sorry, but you do not have access to this page. That’s all we know.

Hmm, it might be being throttled. I added a download on Mega as well.!zcIXBBTT!oktnDL68MX2IM3UCRFqb4mef4IMPuMLGbjIZefTm6os

Level 2
Love it. Speaking of Voyager, have you seen what Tim Russ and some other Trek actors have been involved with lately? Trying to bring back Trek as a series in the original TNG universe ten years after Voyager ended.

Level 2
Nice work! I must say I really liked the white lights, they do look "real"
Anyway, UE4 looks like a winner for RIFT.

Level 2
That was awesome! I never watched that version of Star Trek but it was an amazing feeling, like I was on a star ship. I got the instant urge to want to touch the buttons. The controller worked great and it ran decent on my n470.

Level 2
The demo looks awesome! Shame that my 5850 only runs it @ 35fps. My machine is starting to creak 😞

Level 7
"drash" wrote:
FPS was a solid 60 FPS for me on a GTX680, using "stat FPS". Any way for me to check how much the FPS would be if it wasn't capped at 60?

Just an update -- tried the "hmd vsync off" command to see if I could figure out uncapped FPS. Then I started seeing 62 FPS instead of 60. If that's true, then it's cutting it pretty close! Also noticed that spamming a few torpedos would drop the FPS down to about 40 FPS for me until they all self-destructed.
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Level 3
Absolutely fantastic, imagine sitting in the captains chair and watching episodes of voyager on the display. Or playing Starfleet Academy.

Level 4
This is a really well made demo! Sadly it's a little bit too much for my old GTX 570 (around 45 fps), but i'll buy a new 290 OC when my Dev Kit 2 arrives. I always loved Star Trek TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager, so much better than the new movies (i really hate reboots).
Being in this environment instead of just looking at it on a 2d screen is just amazing! I imagine something like Star Fleet Academy, Star Trek Bridge Commander ... a new game with full Oculus Rift support, where you command a Star Fleet ship, maybe even with voice commands ... damn, i'm dreaming again! Wake up, Neawoulf, wake up! 😄 (but maybe some day ... the world seriously needs a new Star Trek game, that's not just a simple shooter with 50% cutscenes. Dreaming is always nice 🙂 )
Without sausage everything is cheese

Level 2
Hi Tmek

Love your demo. Feel free to use the below in any way you wish.

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