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TMIN VR video player with gesture controls

Level 2

Hi, everyone.

I want to introduce our project T.MIN [tiːmiːn]. We are working on it some time. I hope to get feedback in order to understand if we are moving in the right direction.

About project. We want to create VR environment where you can control everything by common gestures and it does not matter which headset or gesture tracking system you use. We intend to support popular headsets and gesture tracking system both optical (like Leap Motion) and physical like Manus VR.

We want to create the VR environment where you don’t need for a monitor. You’ll get 3D space immediately after loading. You will be able to install and run any apps work and entertainment.

We develop video player with gesture control as a demo prototype. It will be a sample of our vision of VR. The last video of our video player prototype is below:

Later we plan to start crowdfunding to accelerate developing. If you are interested in our project you can subscribe to our news at our site TMIN VR.  Also, we’ll announce campaign starting by mailing.

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