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Virtual Desktop 1.0 - Now available on Steam

Level 4
Virtual Desktop is a little utility that improves your VR experience on the desktop. By efficiently replicating your desktop into the Rift, the application allows you to see your desktop on a giant virtual screen. You can browse the web, watch movies or even play non-VR games. It also allows you to launch VR games and resume from them without having to take your headset off.

After you launch Virtual Desktop, a tray icon will appear in your taskbar. From there you can manage your list of games, change your settings.

You can also drag & drop executables or shortcuts to add more games to your list.

- Windows 8 or 10
- Oculus 1.3 Runtime

Latest Changes
- Added ability to browse 360 photos
- Added mirror to monitor feature

Follow the link below to access the store page
Official website
Virtual Desktop Developer
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Volunteer Moderator

MartinV said:

bought VD 1.0.5 today on Steam. Using the Oculus Rift DK2 with the Runtime on Windows 10.

The Headset works with the Oculus Home but when i start the Virtual desktop App it says:

Virtual Desktop does not support you current aktive Headset. (tell me in German)

Any Advice?

Did you allow non-Home apps in Oculus Home settings?

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Level 4

Nyxo said:

Virtual Desktop seems to work perfectly for everything except the 360 videos, for me. I've tried opening a local video, as well as pasting a youtube URL, both result in the same thing: The video starts "playing" (The background changes from nebula to black, and I see the thumb moving along the bottom of the screen), and I can hear the audio, but there is no video -- it just stays black.

I'm using a DK2 in Win10 with Runtime 1.3 -- any thoughts?

Works fine whit me. I think that you don't have right codec in your system. Try to download and installa k-lite codec pack full.

Level 13
Wow this is cool, I like it.  I still have to get used to a headset.  I don't think it's comfortable to use for long periods of time because I work for hours on desktop, but I support the author of this package.  Perhaps Headsets will get much better in the future and the resolution will be improved a lot.  I can use Solidworks and Photoshop with this which is cool, but it's not clear enough resolution to see fine details.  This program is awesome for netflix, youtube and other videos.

Level 11
Argh! They've stopped me using Virtual Desktop on Home! I uninstalled it from steam, because it was giving me problems if I tried a game with it and then went back to trying without it (in Steam's own Virtual Theatre) - such as 7 Days To Die and Empyrion.

So I used the key for VD on Oculus Home and was happy - was just about to try TriDef for Far Cry 3 and find that Home won't even list VD in my library any more - "Unsupported".  Blood and stomach pills! 😞

I take it that's because I didn't cave to M$ and get Win 10. So why not let me choose if I want to run the bugger instead of just shutting me out? FFS, don't become what M$ have turned into, Oculus!

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Level 2
Can someone tell me how to add Environments to the mix when you bought it on oculus and not steam which has steam workshop?