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Voice Chat with Oculus Lip Sync

Level 4
I was very excited to see the new Oculus Lip Sync library.

So I created a little demonstrator application which uses it with voice chat:


You can download it for Rift here:

You can download it for the Gear VR from
On your Android go to Google PlayStore and install "SideloadVR" then search for lipster.


- With Rift please press and hold SPACE bar while talking. If you have a headset with microphone then press T to toggle the microphone on all the time so you don't have to press SPACE.

Thank you Oculus for such a great library!

I would love any feedback!

Check out my Unity VR development blog: @peterept

Level 4
Thanks for all the feedback!

I have uploaded an updated version with:

1. Mirrors - So you can look at yourself talking!

2. Name Tags - Above the avatars heads

IMPORTANT NOTE: A lot of people keep just missing each other - if you are going to try it out - I suggest if everyone connects on the hour - then more chance of meeting people to chat to!

It's an amazing library that Oculus has released to us!

Check out my Unity VR development blog: @peterept