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Werewolf - new demo in progress

Level 2

I had so much fun making Malfunction demo (, that I thought, why not... I'll make another one. This time completely different.

This will be basically a brawler/beat'em up/go-right-and-kill-enemies type of gameplay. With a slight adventure flavor, Malfunction style ;). I always wondered if Oculus Rift will do good in these type of games...

Anyway, I was going to finish the demo and release v 1.0 in a month or two, but what the heck, maybe I'll try a different approach this time. I'll try to update and share the content previews, builds etc. as I'm creating them. We'll see how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

Newest update:

For starters, here is one of the main characters. I just finished making him today and couldn't help myself from making a little teaser.

Stay tuned, there will be more soon!


Level 16
Looks cool.
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Level 2
Looks sweet you've got some skills dude looking forward to giving it a blast someday

Level 2
I loved malfunction cant wait to try your new stuff ...

Level 2
Whoa, here a Kubold fan too. Looks great man, looking forward to a playable demo.

Level 2
that thing is a beast!

Level 8
A great looking model, and the animation is stunning!

Level 2
Huge fan of Malfunction, so I'm really excited about your new project! Animations and character look jaw-dropping!

Level 3
Amazingly done on the werewolf. Can't wait to try this out - it looks like it would be terrifying being in the same room as that thing

Level 2
Wow looks great and like everyone else I can't wait for a demo ๐Ÿ™‚
Seeing is believing