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What do you hope will get created or developed in VR in the next 5 years?

Level 2
Rules of brainstorming:
1. Everything can be said: no evaluation; no decisions; no criticism; no fine details required
2. The more ideas the better
3. No idea is too: expensive; exotic; bizarre; trivial
4. Encourage: Combos; Adaptations; Improvements; Expansion

Ice Breakers:
I purchased the first several iterations of Ricoh Theta 360 cameras and saw the progression on image quality and eventually video quality. Its still not crisp on the video front at a consumer level $, but it will be someday. That content will someday be live. How awesome would it be if that live, 360 video content was extremely mobile (say for news). A drone could provide aerial coverage while a human dictated the scene on the ground. Sporting events could give you multiple vantage points.
What if that content was geolocated and presented to the user on a map?
What if you could preview traffic conditions from a traffic drone that made 15 minute rounds on major routes?
What if you could spectate and/or get first persons views from top 10 Pop1 players?
What if there was a network of earthbound drones that anyone could log in and operate to get the legal, live video feed they wanted while creating a more realtime google earth?
What if you could mesh multiple 360 capture points to allow a user to freely travel through the virtual-real space with the joystick?
What if you could use AI to tag interesting moments and the user could jump forward or back in time?
What if AI could project predictions of key object positions throughout that space and opacity was adjusted based on probability?
Could we predict and prevent vehicle accidents with a live interface to self driving vehicles?
What if VR headsets were helmets with air filtration, voice modulation (and dampening), and language libraries?
What if the helmets could overlay live reality feed with 3D model projections?
What if those projections included the AI prediction models?
What if I could race against historical versions of myself when going for a run with that helmet?
What if I could 360 video recall historical events from the helmet with a voice prompt?
What if I could 360 video review AI predicted potential future events from the helmet?

Level 12
i5 6600k - GTX1060 - 8GB RAM - Rift CV1 + 3 Sensors - 1 minor problem
Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.

Level 3
special VR games looking like Cyberpunk with detailed VR world whats looks real what i can believe. I hope this is possible in next 5 y.