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DOOM 3 BFG - VR ( V0.021 Updated 3-12-2017)

Latest Release And Downloads:Latest Version: V0.021 from v0.20:Edit: Many many thanks to 2EyeGuy for all his hard work on the .020 release, and for handling bugfixes and compiling this release wh...

Samson by Level 7
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Morrowrift - Morrowind VR (CV1/1.3 alpha! v. 3.0.2)

6/6/16 - I finally rewrote the OP... editing this literally gave me a migraine but it's finally cleaned up! If you want to look at the old one for some reason, I archived it here*ahem* anyway. DISCLAIMER- Tested with Disk (GOTY)...

[nsfw] Monster Girl Island

Hello. I'm the developer of an anime-style 3D adult game. It doesn't have VR support yet but you can try an old demo here redamz.itch(dot)io/monstergirlislandNow, my question is. Would there be any interest from the VR community for a game like this?...

Redamz by Level 3
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Corpse City ep1 - Falling in Love - 3d 360 VRsion

Corpse City ep1 - Falling in Love - 3d 360 VRsion Hello, I made this video originally as a way to win my sweetheart's affections for Valentine's. After that failed miserably, I decided to release a 3D 360 VRsion to watch ...


CRT-X (Hotline Miami inspired FPS)

I think it's about time to actually release a game.Been working on this in my spare time. Long way to go... Going to blog in various forums to keep me motivated to finish it.Not sure what to call it but it's a Hotline Miami inspired VR shooter.

Bino by Level 4
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Aircar - Need alpha testers for new game

Hello! Just uploaded an alpha build of Aircar to the Oculus alpha channel. It's been in development for awhile and It's ready to start testing. Looking for people to test it out. Game-play video here...

aircar by Level 4
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Thief Simulator VR (DevLog) - Theft in virtual reality

Hey guys!I'm from GameBoom VR team, developers of Thief Simulator VR.Some time ago we published the first video in which we showed how to steal the microwave. You can see the trailer below. we are back with a new reco...

Jigsaw 360 - family friendly puzzles for any age

My game, Jigsaw 360 has gone live on the store today for the Oculus Rift. Relax while completing beautifully detailed spherical jigsaws. The new way to experience a traditional puzzle. Suitable for all ages with between 8 and 128 pieces. Add custom s...

jumbli by Level 7
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In-game screenshot of my current project

As nobody other than my wife and a few close friends have been allowed to see what I have been working on...I have decided to show a first view into the current state of my present project. I have been very secretive about what I am doing for various...

Sword Art Online: Project VR (Proposition)

It’s time to give SAO the ultimate respect it deserves. A beautiful masterpiece of its own design. An immersive VR game full of blade on blade parry and strike fighting, creative weapons, an apparel range that will make Michael Jackson proud, origina...

Oculus rift demo file - villa With exotic garden

Hi,I am looking for a Oculus rift demo file which was available a few years ago. It was a Villa with a exoctic garten with birds etc, I Need the file for a Walkthrough presentation. It would be great if you could guide me in finding the download link...

Live stream from bike race to Oculus device(s)

Dear all. I am working in event industry in North Norway, above the arctic circle, in the beautiful city of Tromsø. We are designing events that we hope can change the way our clients will experience our events.Just now i am looking for those with sk...

MageWorks MageWorks was developed as a prototype for VR + Motion controllers in June of 2016. The game puts the player in the position of a mage with a spellbook in one hand and a staff in the other. Players flip through th...

sporx by Level 4
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Need help for broadcasting a movie in a store

Hello, we have to make a 360 movie.This movie will be available in a store on an oculus quest.There will be no hostesses to help with the broadcast.The ideal way to show this film would be for people to put on their headphones and for the film to pla...

Fireworks Visualizer with Your Music [Demo]

Fireworks Visualizer to your own Music! Light In the Night.Updated Demo: 6-26-2014Ported the project to the iPhone and added Augmented reality. Its a free download. You pick a song on your iPod and it blasts the fireworks to the beat in the world usi...

mharris by Level 2
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Help with reinstall Beat Saber

Hi all! I accidentally uninstalled my Beat Saber game and tried to re-install, however I am not getting that option to do so. It shows on the oculus website that I have already purchased the game, but in the app, it just states that it is still insta...

Quest 2 eBook Reader? - aka Kindle Cloud or similar?

Day three with the Quest 2 loving the overall experience, but want a few specifics which I hope will come;Any plans for an e-book reader? I love the idea of being in the distraction free environment and being able to read a kindle book in home enviro...

Mapping the neighborhood using the Quest 2 and Glycon

Glycon is normally just a motion capture system that uses your VR headset. But I thought it would be interesting to use the virtual set tool, to draw some things around my neighborhood. I did this early in the morning. And it looks like the Quest can...

chilton by Level 3
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I am a counselling psychologist based in Kenya, East Africa. I work with school going adolescents who have been traumatized psychologically using virtual reality. I move from school to school providing therapeutic interventions. I am currently using ...

Venice VR Experience now available!

I had the unique opportunity to see Venice just as it opened up again and shot tons of footage with a stero VR camera. The first video takes you on a ride through the Grand Canal:

Maebbie by Level 3
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Need Alpha Testers

I am in need of a few people that are interested in testing my alpha builds of my game on the rift or rift s, so you will need one of those headsets and access to the store. once your in the alpha you will see the game in your library. you will need ...

Virtual Exhibition Academie Bruges Belgium made a virtual exhibition with works from children and younsters they made in the past Covid-19 quarantine period - Academie Bruges Belgium.Workflow: Photoshop/C4D/Pano2VR - testing with Oculus Quest

serbphi by Level 2
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Cooking Simulator VR (DevLog) - Cook or explode the dishes!

Hey guys!I'm from GameBoom VR team and this is our new game.We decided to post here information about the development of Cooking Simulator VR. Our first trailer is now available and you can also visit our Steam page.Check Cooking Simulator VR on Stea...