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Detached is now available (Early Access)

Hello! I wrote yesterday on Oculus subreddit about Detached, but the official Oculus forum seems to be even better source of information  So, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jakub from Anshar Studios and our Detached game is finally app...

How to run application on multiple computers at once

Hi, we are doing nice implementation for 10 computers/oculus CV1.We would like to run it at once on all of them at the same second. Do you have any ideas how to make it with one button of the keyboard on one MAster/admin computer connected to the res...

ZENonVR by Level 3
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Squidbeam Games is pleased to announce the release of Twobit for the Gear VR! is a unique VR puzzle-platform game. Only using his or her sight, the player controls a little robot in a st...

GirlMirrorLook Based on Tuscany Demo

This demo is based on the Tuscany demo project included with Unity 4 and using the Oculus VR extras. A girl avatar is attached to the camera controller, and the head motion of the girl avatar is calibrated to the controller so the girl moves her head...

Virtual Desktop 1.0 - Now available on Steam

Virtual Desktop is a little utility that improves your VR experience on the desktop. By efficiently replicating your desktop into the Rift, the application allows you to see your desktop on a giant virtual screen. You can browse the web, watch movies...

guygodin by Level 4
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Retro 3D VR First Person Shooter - New Demo Uploaded!

New Demo Uploaded:'s still very VERY rough .. lots of bugs and glitches, but it does have 1 level with a start and a finish.I still havent fully fleshed out the level design...

Practice languages in VR - beta testers welcome

Hello!We're in the last stages of testing an app where you can practice languages by speaking with virtual characters.Looking for people who want to test the app (and their language skills) on GEAR VR.Thank you!

Your top 5 demos to friends...

Im curious what everyone is demoing to friends, my list changes every other day but currently I would say:1)Evolution of Verse2)Showdown3)LOVR4)The Rose and i5)Depending on age & if family or friends either Henry, Paul McCartney Live, Catatonic or Po...

FPS Simulator - A VR Project...

Fellow VR enthusiasts, I am working on this little project to try and find some FPS controls that works.. "well".. using Touch as input. Since I'm not the biggest fan of teleporting around, I am trying to build something that works more traditional, ...

Obihb by Level 4
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Virtual Reality Nasa Project

Just Recently finished a project with the Singularity University (NASA Funded) think tank.This video took months to create and included some of the latest state-of-the-art 360 motion graphic elements.

Ocean Rift Access Trouble

I bought the Ocean Rift App/Game the first night I brought my Samsung VR system home and signed in. I am having trouble opening the different types of sea life that you are supposed to be able to see and swim with in the experience. I can see the sea...

[DK2 & CV1] VR2Space - Virtual Ride to Space

Update Jan. 10th, 2017: Free demo available here Hello Oculus enthusiasts. We ran a successful KickStarter campaign in 2014 for a Rift project called VR2Space, which we're now hoping to release to the general p...

Lack of appearance from Sales/Promo team?

Hi,During the last 5 years I've been going to this huge event called Dreamhack ( in Sweden with my son which draws people from all of Europe. They got quite the exhibition area with booths from all major companies in t...

3D Architectural Visualisation for Oculus Rift

Check out our video demo of a virtual tour inside Unreal Engine. 3D Real Time Architectural Visualisation for Oculus RiftTo check out more videos that we have produced, visit our YouTube channelOr visit our website here to learn more about us and the...

ImmeVR by Level 2
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[DK2 READY V2] Cyberspace - One of rift's hardest rides

Hi there,i'm glad I have finished this. Think it turned out quite enjoying Update 08/02:- DK2 ready- Recenter- Show FPS (F key)- Disabled mirror mode, much faster in direct modeUpdate 08/10:- Press L to lock the seat from rotating- New music tracks,...

Dreymo by Level 3
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I made a VR racing Helmet

I have been working on making mixed reality videos as realistic looking as possible. One thing missing was a helmet so I came up with this! (now I just need to work on lighting)Here it is in action

Our new VR game - Weeping Doll

Hi everyone,We have been working on our debut title Weeping Doll and we recently published on steam greenlight, please check it out wanted to hear what you guys think about the concept...

[DEMO RELEASE] Displacement Theory

EDIT: Before downloading please note that currently there is a nasty bug when using a gamepad. Sometimes there is a heavy camera drifting when using the right thumbstick. I will try to find a fix asap. Until then i would strongly recommend you to pla...

karel by Level 4
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VR Guitar

Not really a WIP, nor a complete project - just an experiment I worked on over a couple of days with Unity 3D. Surprisingly little code was required to make this work - most of the time was spent thinking through the controls to make the guitar easy ...

Bankie by Level 3
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Skynet Rising - A Post Apocalyptic FPS for Oculus Rift

Update: June 28, 2016Check out the new videos on our channel showing of the wonderful gameplay of Skynet Rising. We have launched a Greenlight campaign over the weekend and managed to hit top #100 in just 72 hours! Cheers to all the supporters!The Fl...

VR safety training demo for industry video

I have created a VR safety simulator for training in fire and explosion scenarios particularly in the oil and gas industry.I originally asked a question about using the Oculus rift in industry here.

zboson by Level 9
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Terrain teleportation strategy game for Gear VR

This is a fully-playable prototype which needs more depth in gameplay. Graphics are intentionally rudimentary - the game awaits the touch of a good artist.It's influenced by an 80s game called The Sentinel. I'd be kidding myself to hope that it in an...

Villa NK vr

Villa NK vrMobile Virtual RealityFor the GearVr, send me a direct message so i could send you the oculus key. Or send me a message on Created by Okolie UchechukwuArchitectural Virtual RealityVilla NK gives a full...

Dimensional Early Access available

Dimensional, a first-personal puzzler, is now available for the Oculus Rift / DK2 in Early Access on steam (5 levels + extra experience in credits) or free two level demo.It uses it's own simple chaperone system and makes you walk, duck, dodge, lean ...

jumbli by Level 7
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