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Hi everybodyThis last few months my team (Frost Earth Studio ) has teamed up with other 3 indie studios to work on a singular but cool idea.The Oculus Rift has a premium price right now,the HTC Vive as well so we thought that once someone has bought ...

Welby by Level 5
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Removing apps

Is there a way to remove apps from my library that I have already uninstalled?

Mindshift VR - Sandra Cannon

Hello. I am new to the forum. I am currently developing a mindfulness meditation app in Unity. I have a demo which I will post later this week. I am in the Oculus Launch Pad group. A brief history on me. I was an architect and designed on CAD at Skid...

Hello World VR would love to hear from Gear VR and Vive users if this demo runs in your WebVR-enabled browsers. No problems on the DK2.

Amelia Winger-Bearskin - "Creation Story"

I have been interested in the Iroquois Creation Myth as a storytelling vehicle for agent based modeling and AI elements in VR for a while now. My mother is a storyteller, we are from the Seneca-Cayuga Nation of Oklahoma (Iroquois). When I was a child...

Rococo VR

Hey everyone, We are happy to share with you the release of our side project called Rococo VR in the Oculus Concepts session. Here's the trailer: VR was developed in our spare time and now the team wan...

SkyRoads VR -- DK2 Release

I've worked on this for a long time, it's a port of the classic game SkyRoads to VR. It's a lot of fun, I get a great sense of immersion playing this game in VR.It's built against the 0.4 Beta SDK, supports full positional tracking, head tracking, lo...

480nm Studio – 3D Content Creation – Alpha (Oculus CV1)

Hello,480nm Studio is a 3D modeling and animation software suitethat is still under development. Our goal is to create a professional tool fornon-professionals, an alternative to the more complex and expensive contentcreation tools that are out there...

alex480 by Level 2
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Ancient coaster experience

HI all, its been a while since i've created something in VR ( jurassic rift in the DK1 period) as a one man army team Since i've seen the big list of games that support VR, I was missing something like an experience that I can just show off to my fr...

Crovax by Level 3
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CuBrush - Room-scale drawing experiment for all Oculus setups

CuBrush is a room-scale experiment with Oculus Rift that lets you walk around and draw with cubes within the 3D environment. It's designed to work with a single tracking camera and an Xbox controller, so no motion controllers are required.http://game...

Decagon by Level 3
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Exsus, Extraterrestrial Surface Simulator

UPDATED TO 0.8.0. See bottom for links and info.----------------------------------------------------------------I decided to combine my love in space, Oculus Rift and making games. This is the result.Exsus is a small demo where you can walk on some o...

Ananas by Level 2
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VBjin-OVR, Virtual Boy Emulator with Rift support

Hi everyone,As a quick fun project, I've taken the VBjin Virtual Boy emulator and added rendering support for the Oculus Rift.Update 3/29/16: Version 3.0 supports the CV1 and adds a new 'Immersive' mode that uses head tracking and a larger display ar...

braindx by Level 2
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Castle Black - Game of Thrones in Unity 5 [Runtime 0.8]

Hey guys,After having trouble finding time to work on the demo, I've managed to complete it. It's been a while coming but I'm pretty happy with the result.I had a few issues with performance and had to remove a few aspects which were causing major fr...

rcazzy by Level 2
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Tokyo Warfare | June 15 2016 on Steam |

Tokyo Warfare is about to be a reality on Steam by releasing on June 15, for desktop and VR.Tank battling game on the streets of Japan, featuring arcade gameplay, anime look and destroyable environment among other neat stuff.Here the new Oi Container...

CINEVEO - VR Cinema app with various cinema themes (DK2)

CINEVEO - VIRTUAL REALITY CINEMA"Grab some popcorn, it's movie time!"• Five amazing cinema themes (4D Movie Theater, Space Station, Ocean, Haunted Valley & The Void).• Detailed 3D models and environments, high-res textures, animated characters and sp...

Tron Light Cycles

UPDATEFixed head tracking lagHighlighted edges of ramps for better visibilityFixed AI avoidanceSmoothed physics issuesAdded title screen and space for health and safety warningWin32, Win64, Mac, and Linux (Mac and Linux completely untested)https://ww...


-----------============:::::||||:((( -----------============:::::||||:((( The Kickstarter Campaign was a great success! A huge thank you to all of our supporters!This is just to get a taste of what's to come. Overview:Technolust takes place in a near...

Chemistry Experiment VR

I would like to share my little demo that tries to make you feel inside a lab. I'm still learning and wish to make it really interactive, how cool would that be?, dowload it here: compatible.


BANG! Tokyo Warfare lands on KICKSTARTER!!Check it out and if you like it >>> you know, backe it! all.Here the game ...

[VR Infographics] FunBrush - teeth brushing simulator

Hi guys, I've just created 360 promo video for my project: FunBrush.What do you think, about this kind of product promotion ? Can you Imagine other use cases for creating such an 360 animati...

The Raven, a poem by Edgar Allen Poe. Free CV1 experience.

Here is a CV1 experience. from the above link: What is it?The Raven is a narrative experience where you sit and listen to a reading of The Raven b...

Vireio Perception v4.0.0 - DX11 support

Hi Guys ! Good news here... we have great progress in developing a new architecture including support for DirectX 11 for Vireio Perception !After finishing Vireio Perception v2.0.0 we more and more thought about DX11 and adding also support for AR-de...

[3dFoin] Free model

Hi guys, we have a free model for you, it's a golden dragon statue: can get it at

3dFoin by Level 2
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Oculus Runtime Switcher V2 [UPDATE]

Hello! This is Oculus Runtime SwitcherIt works for versions,,, and, also on windows 10.On windows 10 runtimes,, are working only in extended mode.Requirements:*Windows 7 or higher*64-bit...

Yon Paradox - A VR puzzle game against yourself

Yon ParadoxCan you outsmart yourself? You will need to, in Yon Paradox: a true puzzle game against yourselfHi everyone! Recently I've released my first game on Steam, and hopefully soon it will be on the Oculus Home too. It's a mindbending puzzle gam...

New game - Virtual Insanity - FREE - Runtime 1.0

7 months in the making! I finally have an Alpha ready to play! Please leave comments and bug reports and remember it was made by me alone, with less than a year of Unity and scripting experience. Pre-Alpha game trailer/sneak peak: