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The Drohne (first demo)

Third person drone shooter made with UE4 :mrgreen: TODO: turrets, flying enemies, better sounds, music, mores weapons, and mainly more maps! :lol:

Null of Hope - an 8bit RPG VR Experience

Hello Fellow Oculus Enthusiasts, I've released a concept/demo for an 8bit RPG VR Experience called 'Null of Hope' which is currently awaiting Oculus Share submission approval. This demo features the first 15 minutes of the proposed full length game. ...

bloxyz: now on Greenlight

bloxyz is a VR-only casual puzzler. Have a look, it'll surely look familiar somehow. However, it has been built from the ground up taking advantage of some features that only VR can offer. Having the playfield right in front of you, with head trackin...

g33rt by Level 2
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Push For Emor now on Steam Greenlight

Well I couldn't put it off any longer and I had to man up and put Push For Emor on Steam Greenlight. This is a first for me and I didn't realise that pushing a simple 'Publish' button could be so scary! Anyway its up and starting to get some votes - ...

VR Camera + Telepresence Robot

We made a live-streaming full-360° camera (based on 6 raspberry pi 2 actually), and now also a VR telepresence robot. It's pretty cool, doing telepresence in VR. Being able to look around and feeling presence makes it very much a different experience...

Presentation for the biggest Fair in building industry [WIP]

Dear community,I’m hobbyist in VR game design and I’ve made a small VR product presentation for my company for the biggest fair in building industry in April this year. I want to show you what I’ve done and after the fair I want to share the demo for...

gagagu by Level 3
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Spell Fighter

A short VR FPP fantasy game for move controllers, in which you can swordfight skeletons and cast spells by really speaking to the microphone.You can also shoot medieval guns and throw stuff around. It’s core is a small sandbox, where you can train yo...

Kubold by Level 2
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Reaction Force NI "Third person tactical shooter"

HiClub VixXxen is soon done and are finished buy a another team helping Otium VR.We decided to remove the *SWAT* Game Play and make it a standalone game because its don't fit the Club vixXxen game play and will cause a huge delay in release.The game ...

sommeee by Level 2
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IL2: Cliffs of Dover Combat Flight Sim - Current WiP

Team Fusion are a group of modders who have been working on fixing the bugs in IL2: Cliffs of Dover a combat flightsim released in 2011 with lots of bugs.Since then many changes have been made and bugs fixed and in the last few days our main coder ha...

GAVR - Google Analytics in Virtual Reality

Hello, guys. I would like to present to you my new app, which allows visualization of Google Analytics data in VR. And here is a couple of screenshotsIf you want to try it, please use following link to download app. I am currently submitting it to Oc...


Older Video of Work in ProgressWhat I have been working on.

Voice Chat with Oculus Lip Sync

I was very excited to see the new Oculus Lip Sync library.So I created a little demonstrator application which uses it with voice chat:screenshot.jpgYou can download it for Rift here:

Having Problems w/ DK2? [OLD - For Runtime]

THIS INFORMATION IS OLD!!! FOR RUNTIME you recently received your DK2 and are having problems, please read below.Before playing any DK2 games, you will need to install the Oculus Run-Time. It is available on the download page:https://develo...

[WIP] Computer Janitor VR!

My first VR game!Did you try turning it off and back on again? Computer Janitor VR simulates the lowest of IT workers. Resolve those support tickets with a vengeance!Currently a one-level demo, I plan on turning this into a full-fledged game.(Require...

Kazy by Level 3
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Open Call for Artists - VR Exhibition in Venice, Italy

OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTSSearching for: Computer arts specialist with developed skills in Virtual Reality rendering for Oculus Rift headset.Exhibition Location: Venice, Italy during the 15th International Architecture Biennale.Dates: Spring/Summer 2016* ...

Have an idead for a Virtual nightclub

Shared VR experience in a nightclubSelect which nightclub you want to go to:Dance ClubR & B ClubCountry & WesternetcSo different model club depending on one selected.Line up outside Select club to get in (will be a shared space so other people can jo...

Battle Hirieth

Will be Demoing our first level at GDC and launching a downloadable demo for PC and Gear VR shorthly after.Any advice on sharing demos and getting the most exposure online would be greatly appreciated!!Game feed back very welcome.


Just made a new demo. Use the headset to go through can download here ...

fengkan by Level 3
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VR reading, for academics and others (w/Unity)

Hi all,My project is a set of virtual environments for academic reading. I've been using Unity and the DK2. What is the point of the project, you ask? I admit it's an odd idea, but when it came to me I thought it worth investigating. Academics read a...

Chornobyl360 VR documentary - Testers required

Hi there! As you may know, in April 2016 there will be 30 years since the Chornobyl disaster has occured and we are shooting very special documentary about what happened then and how the Chornobyl zone is living now. our...

[DK1/2] AeonAlpha

"It's like Homeworld in first person."Lowpoly multiplayer space shooter, for high framerate and zero simulator sickness.Added a chat to so you can have it opened in one tab and hear when someone else goes to this page so we can t...

rupy by Level 2
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[DK2] Spellbound

Our small indie team has been working on this game for a little under a year. We're getting close to release, but the work load is increasing. Here is 11 minutes of gameplay footage I shot this afternoon:

Push For Emor - Public Alpha - up for download

Edit: Just a quick heads up for all you Justicar troopers out there:Push For Emor has been updated to Alpha 0.1! Bug fixes have enhanced the stability of missions, weapons & vehicles. Performance improvements across the game & minor tweaks have been ...

Dawn of the Robot Empire - VR Game

Work in progress. Won't be a launch title due to it's reliance on the Oculus Touch controller. But I hope to release soon after the controllers release. Currently using a PS3 Move Controller for development.

RiftRay updated for 0.8 SDK

Hi everyone,I've updated RiftRay for the 0.8 SDK - you can download the latest build here: I'm hoping to have it polished up enough to release on share in time for the Rift's consumer release. At...

Guardians Of The Wind [Windlands]

This is the new thread for the bigger version of "Windlands".Here are some links to some new and old stuff *NEW* Indiegogo Campaign is ON!!!*NEW* Also new Demo V.0.3.0a with support for DK2 and DK1 + Monitor  (Downloads at Indiegogo page)----------...

Oculus Logo ScreenSaver

Just wanted to share a simple project I am working on. It's intention was for a cool looping screen saver of the Oculus logo. Something fun to watch when your system isn't doing anything. Here is a link to the files:

WebEyeVR: 180º stereoscopic webcam for Virtual Reality

We are going to release dev version of our webcam along with the streaming platform.Please let me know how does it feel. We are going to release live demo (24/7 webcam stream) and start accepting pre-orders in the next few days.

WebEye by Level 3
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