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Raptor Valley, a horror VR game played without a controller

I'm in the final stages of preparing to submit this game, it's a horror game where you look and listen for raptors as they try to close in on your position. You have a flashlight that scares them away temporarily. It points wherever you aim your head...

Renge by Level 4
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Greeting Card 360

Hi EverybodyWe made this Greeting Card with Unreal Engine 4 and it's fully compatible with Oculus Rift!Feel free to share it with everyoneMerry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!FB:

maxxi by Level 2
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A sneak peek for my upcoming VR game!!! Please watch!

I finally am working on a full game made for the rift. I have so far just made short experiences. I put together a video sneak peek/Trailer. (I left out a few things cause I didn't want to spoil anything) What you see here is about 2 months of work, ...

Merry VR Christmas

Hi there, we released our 360°-Christmas-Greeting-Card a few days ago. Feel free to share with family and friends  Facebook: ... 3112095920YouTube: used Cinema 4D to build the wi...

Big VR Hello - new pic.

xmas2015_HVR_.jpgBig hello and seasons greetings to all VR folk around the world, looking forward to a big 2016! Cheers Jeff and Team HoneyVR

[PREVIEW] Survios gameplay mechanics, avatar embodiment

Hey everybody!It’s been a little while since the Survios team has poked our heads out of our little VR cave. The last you heard from us was probably Zombies on the Holodeck, and since then we’ve been diligently working on VR hardware, software and co...

Flutter Bombs

What originally started as a landscape study in UDK, has grown to become an arcade style aerial combat game about a butterfly defending its grove.Flutter Bombs is being developed in UE4, is VR enabled, and has a mobile offshoot for iOS and Android. H...

sporx by Level 4
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360 live stream - Live but we could use your Input

Hey guys-We have spent the last few weeks working to get a livestreaming 360 interactive experience working on Android, iOS, Desktop and on Oculus. We would love to hear your feedback and see if you have any suggestions to improve our results.Best su...

CamSoda by Level 2
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Home at Christmas - Small environment

Hi GuysI made this small environment over the course of a few days, its a small traditional lounge decorated for Christmas. It was my way of getting back to grips with ue4 and to also give something back to this great community.There is nothing more ...

wan5 by Level 3
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Linear Crossing - Ludum Dare jam game

Linear Crossing is a VR game about moving around using TRANSFORMS: neat little pickups that rotate, translate or scale your vehicle. Goal of the game is to AMASS WEALTH in the form of coins, by travelling through a randomly generated frogger-style wo...

Clavus by Level 3
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Doom 3 stereo panoramas ... lZHYjR2d1kJust drop them into your Oculus/360Photos/My Images/ (on S6; not sure where it goes on Note 4) and view using 360Photos.Enjoy 

Dimensional - a game of brains and demolition skills

Download the DK2 demo.Winner of VRTGO 2015 VR competitionedit:updated to latest videoThe game is exclusive to VR allowing me to concentrate on on VR specific gameplay such as using real movements.Features include:Physics-engine based puzzles that req...

jumbli by Level 7
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360 Stereo Video

Hi guys, just thought i'd post a link to my newest 360 video on youtube, quite proud of this one, its our 2nd stereoscopic 3D video in 360, so its best viewed using google cardboard & your smartphone you can also use chrome to use the mouse to drag y...

Holosphere locomotion method - demo + feedback

Hello!In my latest demo, Neos: The Origin, I have demonstrated a new locomotion method which I call the holosphere. I have developed it so it allows great flexibility when navigating virtual environment, while preventing nausea.I have adapted the met...

[Gear VR] Jubilee Arête - WIP

Work in Progress, Pre-Alpha Footage- Mobile Virtual Reality Experience for Gear VR- Unity 5.3, modo 902, Photoshop CC, C#- Touchpad controls- Digital elevation data from airborne laser scanning- Terrain grid resolutions: ridge 1m, background 50m- Aer...

FPS-TPS Mech/Pilot Shooter Demo for PC

Hi everyone,We're a two-man development team working with the Unreal 4 engine in hopes of creating a career for ourselves in the games industry.It would be greatly appreciated to hear your feedback for our game. Oculus Rift Demohttps://www.sendspace....

zro7 by Level 2
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Celestrion - VR Model of the Universe

Hey everyone,Just wanted to share the latest from dSky that just got approved to be on Share. The experience is named, "Celestrion" and is allows users to play inside their very own Orrery, a working heliocentric 3d model of our solar system. You can...

Muybridge Mausoleum

This is a preview of a project we've been working on for 5 months or so. Still a lot of polish to add, but we're planning on releasing it in January for the DK2 and GearVR. The main idea was to create a place of reflection and reverence for one of th...

jejunus by Level 2
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3D recording & playback software for VR

Hello, we published a 3D recording and playback solution based on the Microsoft Kinect2 and standard video codecs. The software allows you to record 3d clips using the MS Kinect and play them back in Unity. You can find more information as well as a ...

DEEP SEA - Stereo 360

Hi Guys!This is my last work!One blue whale giant - inspired by on “In the Blue” by WEVR.I hope you enjoy it! ... _FINAL.mp4Oculus Rift DK2Oculus Runtime 0.7/0.8 installedPC Running Kolor Eyes (DK2 supported) - ...

Jellyfish Garden

I spent the last couple days building out an underwater themed experience. It's become different enough from the Space Station prototype that I think it warrants it's own thread. Yesterday I started developing some interactive jellyfish, and they are...

crevver by Level 3
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Dungeon Hero

Download - Hero is a classic style Dungeon Crawler with a Casual/Cartoony twist.It is meant to be -the- ultimate dungeon crawler.Featuring:- Beautiful Cartoony Graphics- Wonderful Music (23 audio tracks...

Matterport Gallery for GearVR

My company, Matterport, just launched the Matterport Gallery! Matterport VR app (which has been available on the GearVR app store) now has more amazing locations spanning fancy castles and palaces, renowned museum...

[DK2] TNG Engineering (Star Trek) (+bonus)

What is this?TNG Engineering is a simple non-interactive scene depicting the Main Engineering bay of the NCC 1701-D in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Although made for VR, it also works fine without an Oculus Rift.Inspired by the recent releases of ...

drash by Level 7
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Zombies on the Holodeck (Rift + Hydra) Pre-Alpha Demo

Hey guys! This is James Iliff from Project Holodeck. We've been hard at work on multiple VR games for the past 9 months, and we’re now posting a demo build of Zombies on the Holodeck. This game is designed for Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra.EDIT 05.07.1...

jimbo2go by Level 2
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ISS Demo Resurrected

Download the Oculus Win64 DK2 Version here: (Bluetooth Controller, Nod Ring, Leap Motion supported, but not required) scored a GearVR for my Note 4 about a wee...

crevver by Level 3
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Project TimeTravel - 1.3 Tesla's Lab [DK2]

Project* Update: 1.3 DK2 Step gently through the rift of time...and explore 7 destinations in history.Choose your destination year and become a witness to the past. Here you will rediscover the history of humanity,...

ElliottR by Level 2
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my DIY Rift for Education

Hello everyone, I run a public scientific visualization lab in Raleigh at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and have been creating programs using augmented reality for the past few years. I have recently completed a project that may interest some.For...

Soundscape [Gear VR]

Soundscape lets you create electronic music in a futuristic environment.On huge screens you can add musical notes, change effects and influence the characteristics of one of three instruments. You can choose to do this alone or jam along with 2 other...