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Fireworks Visualizer with Your Music [Demo]

Fireworks Visualizer to your own Music! Light In the Night.Updated Demo: 6-26-2014Ported the project to the iPhone and added Augmented reality. Its a free download. You pick a song on your iPod and it blasts the fireworks to the beat in the world usi...

mharris by Level 2
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Help with reinstall Beat Saber

Hi all! I accidentally uninstalled my Beat Saber game and tried to re-install, however I am not getting that option to do so. It shows on the oculus website that I have already purchased the game, but in the app, it just states that it is still insta...

Quest 2 eBook Reader? - aka Kindle Cloud or similar?

Day three with the Quest 2 loving the overall experience, but want a few specifics which I hope will come;Any plans for an e-book reader? I love the idea of being in the distraction free environment and being able to read a kindle book in home enviro...

Mapping the neighborhood using the Quest 2 and Glycon

Glycon is normally just a motion capture system that uses your VR headset. But I thought it would be interesting to use the virtual set tool, to draw some things around my neighborhood. I did this early in the morning. And it looks like the Quest can...

chilton by Level 3
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I am a counselling psychologist based in Kenya, East Africa. I work with school going adolescents who have been traumatized psychologically using virtual reality. I move from school to school providing therapeutic interventions. I am currently using ...

Venice VR Experience now available!

I had the unique opportunity to see Venice just as it opened up again and shot tons of footage with a stero VR camera. The first video takes you on a ride through the Grand Canal:

Maebbie by Level 3
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Need Alpha Testers

I am in need of a few people that are interested in testing my alpha builds of my game on the rift or rift s, so you will need one of those headsets and access to the store. once your in the alpha you will see the game in your library. you will need ...

Virtual Exhibition Academie Bruges Belgium made a virtual exhibition with works from children and younsters they made in the past Covid-19 quarantine period - Academie Bruges Belgium.Workflow: Photoshop/C4D/Pano2VR - testing with Oculus Quest

serbphi by Level 2
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Cooking Simulator VR (DevLog) - Cook or explode the dishes!

Hey guys!I'm from GameBoom VR team and this is our new game.We decided to post here information about the development of Cooking Simulator VR. Our first trailer is now available and you can also visit our Steam page.Check Cooking Simulator VR on Stea...

De Leon Legends VR Game

Hi!I am one of the devs working on De Leon Legends, a pirate-themed action-adventure VR game. My team and I started working on this game halfway through 2018. This year we sadly had to put it on hold, but I still workon it during my free time. One bi...

Ghostly Summerwind

Ghostly Summerwind for the Oculus Rift+TouchWhat started off as a short project for some friends who love Summerwind Mansion turned into 10-monthsof development. Initiallyit was just going to be a model of a haunted house that people couldexplore. Bu...

OPERATION SERPENS - Shooting game for the Quest & Rift S

Hi all.I'm making a game for Oculus Quest & Rift S and the first level is already completed. I'm looking to get some feedback from real players.If you are want to help me (or just to play) - Write in the comments which Oculus you have (Quest or Rift ...

itzik1 by Level 3
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Star Wars: Battle of Endor [Updated for DK2 and CV1]

***UPDATE***by popular demand (and because it was quick and easy for a change) I built a version for CV1. No other fixes or changes at the moment.***UPDATE***Win64 ver...

David Slade Mysteries: Case Files

Hello Questers & VR Enthusiasts;I am working very hard to bring you my latest game David Slade Mysteries: Case Files. Today I would like to share a small glimpse as to what the game is all about.Synopsis:David Slade Mysteries: Case Files is an ever e...

Weapons Genius VR test

Hi everyone.We are a small development team and we are now completing the development of Weapons Genius VR. is a small shooting range with the ability to craft weapons with different characteristics, purchase better c...

Realms of Eternity

Latest update, added bow minigame to better test weapon mechanics. others , Quest version can be downlaoded from sidequest:


Frustrain – is a surrealistic first-person thriller about some bizarre railroad incident.Few passengers caught vigil in a night train. Sitting in their compartments, submerged into thinking they watch snowflakes flickering behind the window, drink ho...

spxyz by Level 2
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Beavis and Butthead VR (fan-made) Experience – free download

Join Beavis and Butthead on their couch in VR as they enjoythe Stone Temple Pilots music video for “Vasoline”.Note: this was not authorized by MTV or Mike Judge. It wasjust done for fun over 2 months (so it's not perfect), but a ton of fun was hadmak...

VR Coronavirus Info Hub’ve set up a free, multi-user, public access Coronavirus VR info hub In Acadicus room 1800. If you’re a healthcare provider with access to an Oculus Rift, please consider sharing your experience, demonstrations, and info...

Audio-reactive VR180 music videos with Trapcode Particular

Here are some simple music videos I've been experimenting with using VR180 with Trapcode Particular and Stardust in After Effects. Since After Effects doesn't have a real rectilinear stereo camera, I tried a 15-degree two-camera rig rendering each ey...

[Quest] Hand Tracking - Drumcomputer Tech Demo

Create music with your fingertips hit is only triggered when hand palm is facing yousample hit is determined by pinch strength threshold ( 0.75) index, middle and ring finger have different samples (for both hands) s...