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Acadicus VR for Training and Education

Greetings!We wanted to share a progress update on our Acadicus platform, which makes it fast and easy to create VR training and education experiences. http://www.acadicus.comScene Editor: Create a scene by working with our extensive library of enviro...

Who do we talk to about having oculus out to an event?

Hello, I am reaching out here to try and reach out and provide an open invitation to anyone who sees this to our event here in San Diego this April. Since 2011 The San Diego Kid's Expo and Fair has been having some incredible successes and growth up ... | Timepieces | Sean Nuanes

This is a story where we take the elderly on virtual tours all throughout the world to help them escape the situation that they're in proudly presenting when they may not travel anywhere physically they get the opportunity to be there.

LineWars VR for Oculus Go/Gear VR has been released!

LineWars VR is a virtual reality re-enactment of the early 1990's cult classic game LineWars II. Pilot any friendly space ship in huge space battles containing dozens of ships, by teleporting between ships at will. Protect your star base, save the Pr...

PAalto by Level 5
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Looking for a small number of testers for Galaxy Forces VR

Hi, This is a space shooter where you move in 2D but it is shown in 3D. And it works really well in VR. is no in-game music currently, but interactive music will be added soon...I'm looking for feedback of any ki...

Polygon Nightmare - Multiplayer (Demo)

I´m still no real developer! i'm more "learning by doing" It's working (sort of) Still a million and one things to patch and re-engineer This is done with Unitys built in network service, and me and my daughter is running...

Enmark by Level 5
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[Prototype] Orbital Dogfight Release

Stoked to announce the release of the Orbital Dogfight prototype! Its Free and only 55 MGs.Download it here: Woot!Drop comments and questions below 

Polygon Nightmare - Old School VR

Hi. im Swedish guy with early dreams of VR since i first tried the "Virtuality" arcade machine "Nightmare" later called "Dactyl Nightmare". My goal is to bring my childhood dream back from the dead, for the historic value and because it was a lot of ...

Enmark by Level 5
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VR Detective Game - Mr. HackJack Robot Detective

Hi guys!I'm part of a small dev team based in Japan, and we are super proud to announce that we released our VR detective game HackJack!! really look forward to hear your critic...

Jigsaw 360 now also available on Oculus Go

Jigsaw 360 is a chilled out experience with relaxing music and a choice of relaxing sound effects (nature / rain / waves) . You find yourself stood inside the jigsaw scene and will complete a spherical jigsaw puzzle in front of you. As you turn the p...

jumbli by Level 7
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Medium Sculpture in Real Life

I made some sculptures in VR and then 3d printed them into real things. I paint them by hand after they are 3d printed.My name is Austin Lee and my website is

Tower Defense and Settlers blended together - WIP allAfter releasing a few games and learning a lot, I’m finally ready to build the game I wanted to start building but wasn’t skilled enough to do it at the beginning.I guess it’s a blend of Settlers and Tower Defence tw...

BANANAMANA - Action/Adventure game [WIP]

Hi everyone! I'm finally ready to share a first dev-log video for my new game called Bananamana! is a procedurally generated action/adventure game and I can't wait to share more details with you so...

[MOVIES] Illusion Ray Studio - VR/3D short movies

Hi everyone I would like to share with you with some footages from our movie projects, that we created at Illusion Ray Studio.We focus on making short movies (around 10 minutes) for VR and traditional 3D (SBS). The movies are intended to be played in...

Lukas by Level 2
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Mind Labyrinth: VR Dreams - Emotional game

Hi there!I'm Andrea Marinelli founder of the Frost Earth Studio and a VR developer since our beloved Oculus Rift DK1 came out.I'd like to introduce you my new upcoming VR game called Mind Labyrinth: VR Dreams.Description:This is a game about emotion ...

Welby by Level 5
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How to showcase Live-music video

I recently recorded a full-album (13 songs) using a 360° camera, 4K, immersive audio, 3D ... this album was recorded all live with Grammy nominee Latin band “La Clave Secreta” and many special guest artists. I would love to showcase and feature at le...

Salvo Go - Battleships for the Go

Hi allI have already released Salvo on the rift and am now rebuilding it for the Go. I released Salvo Rift edition my first ever game nearly two years ago and have learnt a lot since. I also wanted some more experience building for the Go. Particular...

Twist N' Shoot by Four Non Devs

Hi Everyone, I m not a dev, nor are my 3 others buddies but still we created a sorta game called Twist N' Shoot running on Google Cardboard. We call ourselves the Four Non Devs and we would be very happy to have some feedback...Twist N' Shoot on Goog...

VR-Fred by Level 2
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Nothing Half-Baked About Zombie Donuts Update

Virtro Entertainment, a female-led immersive entertainment company, has announced today that there will be an update to their classic Zombie Donuts FPS VR Game. If you thought you’d had all the sugar rush you could handle - think again! Virtro promis...

Video specs for best performance in Oculus Go

I am a video editor and we use the Oculus Go to showcase our 360 work to potential clients, however I've experienced that at times the video will jitter and the audio will either sound like is slowing down or fast forwarding.I've exported some test v...

Claustro by Level 2
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Ghost Theory - First-Person Horror Game

We are proud to introduce our brand new game, Ghost Theory – a first-person horror adventure game designed and developed primarily for VR.In Ghost Theory, you are a gifted paranormal investigator able to catch glimpses of ghosts, and equipped with al...

Sirall by Level 2
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