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Body of the Night

Hello fellow VR fans and developers, It's my pleasure to introduce you to a small side project of mine entitled "Body of the Night".I will unleash it for Halloween for free and I`d like to invite you to my webpage to get...

Sky of Verdun 3d

Hi,I've been working on a browser-based multiplayer air combat game called "Sky of Verdun" for some time now. You fly airplanes in World War I style, red planed fighting against blue planes. The original version is completely written in JavaScript, w...

Brainsaw by Level 2
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New DK2 and Leap Demo - Spacial Madness by Virtual-InSynergy

Spacial Madness is a demo in which you are standing in a room that is floating in space. You can use your hands to do a variety of things. You can walk, turn on the lights, turn on/change the music, change the volume, change the picture on the wall, ...

Oculus MYO Commander v0.1

Hi All,Here you have a simple commader for MYO & Oculus integration Windows 64 bits using MYO sdk Beta7Instructions:0.- Before starting the App, place your MYO and perform the syn...

Corridor 17, sci-fi endless runner/shooter

Hi all, this is my submission for the recent Leap Motion 3D Jam. I just released a version that doesn't require Leap Motion to play so you can join in the fun as long as you have an Oculus Rift DK2.The game is a mix between endless runner and shoot '...

VludumdaRe - VR Blobby Volley like game

Check out my VR prototype I created this weekend for Ludum Dare 31. It uses the Oculus Rift DK2 and a Razor Hydra.Unfortunately it currently only works on OSX 10.9+ and there is no gameplay without Rift and Hydra. I might port it to windows once I ge...

Slin by Level 4
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Blood Vessel VR

I'm not the only one making one of these, but here's a demo I've been working on for medical applications. This is done in UE4, and targeted at the moment to a high-end card (GTX980). I'm working now at making a settings menu with some reduced qualit...

Ethereal Village [Updated for DK2]

----The new DK2 version has been posted further down the page at this post.----What is this?This is an attempt to resurrect a fallen city that existed a few years ago in a Chinese MMORPG called Ether Saga Odyssey (formerly Ether Saga Online). This ci...

drash by Level 7
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Nightmares twin stick unity demo

Threw this together to test some tracking and scaling awhile back and thought I would update it and share since it is kinda neat. Updated with 0.4.4.Controls - xbox 360 controller, other controllers may varyLeft stick - moveRight stick - aim/shootA b...

agamer by Level 2
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Mega Creature Smash: Ultra Turbo VR Edition

Hey Fellas!Mike from Labcoat Studios here.Just thought I'd drop our newest prototype off here, it's an Oculus Rift + Leap Motion mounted game called Mega Creature Smash: Turbo VR Edition!In it, you.. smash things ala Rampage!You can find it here: htt...

Game of Thrones - Castle Black and The Wall (DK2)

Hey guys, I started this little project about 2 weeks back in Unreal Engine 4. I wanted to do a recreation of Castle Black from Game of Thrones with the lift up the Wall, the ability to walk all around the castle, and go through the tunnel to beyond ...

rcazzy by Level 2
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[WIP]NESRoom Emulator

Hi guys, This is a scene I have been working on the last week trying to learn some Unity basics. Its a Small scene, only one room, but on the screen is a working NES Emulator.I did not code the emulator, I have just imported into my scene. The models...

wan5 by Level 3
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New developement work with Oculus rift DK2

Amazing Virtual Reality Interactive Amusement CarIntroductionAmazing Virtual Reality Interactive Amusement Car also called Magic Variety recreational car, this car is equal to a large theme amusement park, it can magically become variety of adventure...

JMDM by Level 2
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Virtual Oil Spill: DK2 installed into Sightseeing Binoculars

I've been working on this project for a little while now and set it up as an installation a few weeks ago. Here's a video. started by taking a photosphere of the intended location (English Bay, Vancouver) ...

Press Bird To Play (DK2 & Leap Motion)

My entry into the Leap Motion Jam - not sure I have a chance with likely over 100 titles participating, but at least I tried.Hope you like it, let me know if you find bugs 

Gerald by Level 4
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VR Rowing Evolved

A virtual reality rowing game using the DK2 and a Rowing Machine.Created over a weekend using Oculus Rift DK2, Unity 4.5, and a rowing machine called the "Concept 2 model D with PM 3 monitor" of which data can be extracted through a USB cable. Since ...

edwon by Level 3
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Lucid Trips - A new concept of how to navigate in VR

Hi folks!I’m Nico I'm co-founder of, a german community of virtual reality enthusiast and I'm the creator oft Lucid Trips, a virtual reality game project inspired by lucid dreaming. Lucid Trips comes with a completely new concept of how t...

Star Trek Voyager Bridge Demo v0.3

Version 0.3This latest release allows you to:-------------------------------------- - Sit in chairs. - Watch Netflix videos on the main view screen. - Interact with the ship/computer through voice commands and responses. - Monitor the computers vocal...

tmek by Level 4
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Back to Hogwarts - Walk and fly around the school - V.0755

Hello Rifters,am I the only one, who wants to walk and fly around Hogwarts castle? I don't think so - so here's my solution: BACK TO HOGWARTS - a free, non-commercial fan project -HogwartsFlugsmall.jpgIt's Version 0.755, but the FINAL VERSION, becaus...

gunair by Level 3
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[BETA] Musée imaginaire

Edit 12/7/2014 : Beta available here : !Edit 10/20/2014 : Preview of new diorama added, "Le Dejeuner dans l'herbe". Still no audio comments nor cutscene in this diorama, but I'm looking for your feeling about global confort of ...

rolsct by Level 2
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SnowyBirds - new game development!

Snowy Birds is a VR-based web game that uses the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion technologies to deliver the ultimate snowball-fighting experience. Play it, if your Christmas has been ruined by bad presents or overeating, if you are angry, because you we...

Dream Theater VR - Demo

Hey there folks,Just recently I finished a little Tech Demo which I wanted to share with you. It's was mainly created to test software (Unity 5) and Hardware limitations. There is a whole lot of audio/video in this project so Framerate might drop for...

Rift music visualizer.

I have been playing with a music visualizer.It is still pretty rough, but I am enjoying it so far, and would appreciate some feedback.You will have to add your own music for now, the readme has instructions on how to do that, as well as the controls ...

obo23 by Level 2
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Plugged - point&click adventure game in Unreal 4

Hey, guys, I'd like to take a few moments of your time to present our project. Plugged is a point and click adventure game best played on Oculus Rift (we're calling it look and click).It will feature a decision-based story, the idea is to relive key ...


VRA_facebook.png[NEW]don't be surprised it looks so different from how this thread goes on, but I experimented a lot before I managed to get the low poly style I wanted. The last couple of weeks I pretty much stopped experimenting because I got the s...

Gerald by Level 4
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Pokemon VR

This one's for you Palmer! Made for the Leap Motion 3D jam, it's best played with the DK2, Leap Motion and Voice Attack! Windows only for now(Voice Attack has a free trial download and is really worth the $8)

tipatat by Level 3
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Magicraft - [WIP]

You can grab DK2 demo from here:'s our original title and I made quick demo upon receiving DK2. can play either using Xbox Controll...

Virtual Bard - Poet and You Know It [WIP]

First attempt at creating UE4 VR experience/experiment of our own...For the poetry lovers amongst you Auden's 'As I Walked Out One Evening' read by Auden himself.Download here+ Under 90MB+ Designed for comfort+ Only compiled for Windows 64 bit at th...