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Level 1 Video for Attack Command - Looking for Beta Testers

Looking for Beta TestersNew enemies and weapons, dialing in the mechanics. Looking for beta testers with a Go. feedback is welcome!!Most of the core coding is getting there, now will be b...

Quake updated for 1.4, CV1

I finally found some time to update my fork of the Quakespasm engine to work with the newest Oculus SDK. Still a gorgeous game after all these years. VR legs recommended!Download Link, a video and some more info:

In-game browser for Android, tested on the Oculus Go

Hi,I just opened up this project to the community and would love help from any openGL developers out there to speed it up! It uses the CPU to draw images from an Android WebView so you can open up a web browser in 3D space. It's still in Beta so ther...

New mech for our arcade vr game Attack Command

Worked out a great process for getting really clean line renders - will post to the blog soon. What do you think, more, less detail? More curves? We are going for a Battle Zone meets Tron look...

Visionarium Early Access

Good news! I wanted to share my latest VR Artwork "Visionarium" with you guys! Its a 25 min. Visionary audio visual experience. highly influenced by mind expanding experiences. A lot of the content was created using Google Tiltbrush. Most of the geom...

Reality Fusion

We submitted this project for the 2018 UE4 MegaJam . During the jam we were naming it Reality Fusion 3 because of the 3 different gun types that would fuse together, but that name sort of escaped us toward the end of the jam. Ended up submitting it a...

sporx by Level 4
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FlowVR Available for Download

We just released our first App. FlowVR provides an immersive authentic guided meditation experience. We hope you enjoy!

LineWars VR for Gear VR - WIP announcement

Hi all!I wonder if any of you remember my old LineWars II game from 1994? Anyways, around the end of last year I got the idea of trying to port my old DOS game to virtual reality. Thus, I began working on LineWars VR, in the hopes that I might get it...

PAalto by Level 5
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first person shooter demo for rift developed on unity .

This demo was made using Unity, Playmaker, VRIK, VRTK, Bakery, Mesh baker , stuff.The binary is available for Oculus rift , Email me if you want access to the alpha version on your app or download it here

[RELEASED] MaxVR Oculus Rift Video Player - DK2 VR MoviesThe Ultimate Oculus VR App for watching Movies, this app is designed to do one thing well and that is play Video in VR Butter SMOOTH. Updates will always be freeMa...

TWOBIT ODYSSEY - Puzzle-platform VR game [RELEASED]

Back on October 2016 I released a Free Gear VR game called Twobit. The feedback I received from players all around the world was very positive, the game hit 70k+ downloads within a few months and was nominated for an award for the best VR mobile game...

I made a cheesy 360 horror movie for Oculus Go

Hi folks,So I created a cheesy 360/VR horror movie experience for my horror music project. It's a virtual nuke blast with cheesy music. It turned out pretty good for my first serious try (I made lot's of demos up to this point). Anyway, hope you like...

Fire Department Experience

Dear VR enthusiasts,We at Warp are really enthusiastic about the possibilities to use VR not only for fun but also for people to learn something. Therefore we have created the WarpVR app in combination with our Warp Studio. Within the Netherlands, we...

360 Minesweeper - A new way to play minesweeper in VR

Hi everyone! I am very happy to show you guys my new VR game 360 Minesweeper.I always loved playing minesweeper and one day I thought how could I make this old game fit in VR. I didn't want to just put a board inside a 360 space so I had to think a b...

Nyro by Level 2
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Digital Scent Technology product with 1000+ scents

I am a chemical engineer with a deep passion for VR. I started off my journey with the DK2 and instantly fell in love with the technology. My Start-up is building a high end (~$400) device which hasa few really cool features. Our product is a standal...

Mecha Rushdown - a VR Mech Fighting game!

Hi Everyone!I wanted to start showing a little of the game I am working on, it's a VR only (of course) Mech Fighting game calledMecha Rushdown!In it you play as your virtual Avatar controlling your very large personal Fighting Mech in one on one mega...

Fredrum by Level 5
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Sailing and Virtual Reality

Ahoy I would like to share with you and get feedback on sailing app I'm working on. I am new to Unity and VR development, so any feedback would be much appreciated.1) "Point of Sail" . I've tried submitting it ...

dziemid by Level 2
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Big Breezy Boat

Ahoy!We've just shipped Big Breezy Boat - our first title on Oculus Store and second VR game ( after VR Regatta ).Big Breezy Boat ( B3 ) is a relaxing sailing experience for mobile VR. Immersive yourself in a vast open ocean on your own private yacht...

4k Video Playback Issue

Hey,First time posting on here.I am rendering out our trailer at 4096x4096 Stereo, 50fps, 75mbs, Ambeo sound. Spacial metadata injected.Video plays very well in media player (360 video on my monitor). However when I try it on the Oculus Rift, it has ...