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XING: The Land Beyond

XING: The Land Beyond confirmed it's funding, Oculus Rift Integration stretch goal and an additional $30,000 stretch goal during the last 2 minutes of it's kickstarter campaign. Even though the kickstarter is finished, it's not too late to continue f...

Cross-trainer with the OR

Hi Rifters, i just wanted to share my idea/project i am currently working on with you. As many of you i am still waiting for my devkit (Germany Order ~ 8000) but i recently got a cross-trainer with a serialport and a razor hydra. I wrote a little pro...

2D Flash Games For Oculus Rift

I'm not very familiar with making games in 3D, but I have used Macromedia/Adobe Flash for quite some time now, which is used to make 2D animations and games. So I'd like to see if you can create something that works for the Rift.Another thing to ment...

Hydra Spatial Graffiti and Navigation testbed

Hi there! pardon the cross posting, throwing here and mtbs since there seems to be some differing crowds at each.I've been working on a few experiments for the past couple days here in the 'nights and weekends' style, and am looking for some feedback...

dbuck by Level 2
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City Planning and Urban Design with Oculus Rift

I brought one of our early prototype city models into Oculus Rift - Virtual Dubuque! Beware of floating trees and screwy normals / uv's.. just a really early WIP. We have a new city build that has a lot more detail, but it's not ready for primetime y...

Ski Resort (Concept only)

I don't want anyone getting their hopes up, so don't expect to see this any time soon, but while going through things that might be interesting to do in VR, I was suddenly reminded of the skiing I used to do.And it struck me that I could make a prett...

VR Snow Toobing

I just wanted to share some shots of my game/toy/thing I've been working on since receiving the Rift. It's a physics-based snow toobing simulator, and at the moment is more of a ride than a game. It's a ton of fun though. I found early on that physic...

Jerware by Level 2
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3D Sound

How about integrating 3D sound along with the 3D vision feel.Take a listen to our Unreal Engine demo. You will need headphones. No special ones, any will do.

VR lounge room

I wanted to do a modern Oculus room that looked similar to the hallway entrance to some of the high rise apartments they have in Norwalk, CT. Open-Wooden-Staircase-Open-Plan-Living-Room-Design-with-Cozy-Black-and-White-Sofa-927x619.jpegI designed the...

Multiple Reality Game

Currently working on a new immersive 3D game, building my own engine from the ground up. Multiple Reality is: a game based on 5 different worlds and 3 different game genres. One world still controlled by MAGIC and fantasyOther by science and technolo...

F-Zero GX on Oculus Rift

I've managed to get F-Zero GX to display at the Rift FOV/aspect (or at least close), with stereo 3D. No head tracking yet, but I'm hoping to implement that in the future. This is all using Ocarina codes on a Wii; Dolphin was not used. I don't yet hav...

Full Body Awareness Test(s) [testers needed]

Hi Oculus VR Developers!If you think of VR experiences you maybe think about first person experiences. Looking (without a Rift yet) at the demos which are presented here I was interested in getting a kind of "ultimate" full body awareness setup which...

Mirrored Reality - Prototyping Unity Soldier Networking More

Mirrored Reality is just a codename for me to prototype new hardware gameplay mechanics.--- Leap Motion ---Previously I have tested Leap Motion controls scheme for control of in game character hand placement (inverse kinematics), playing drums with y...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Star Rift

Hi I just submitted my game on Steam Greenlight. It is called Star Rift! I have been working on it for a few months now just for the Oculus Rift. Here is some stuff about it. Also don't forget to check it out on Steam give me a thumbs up if you like ...

Monarky by Level 2
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A futuristic racing game for the Rift

I am currently in the early development stage of a futuristic racing game in style of WipeOut, F Zero or Extreme G for the rift. I don't have a good name yet. (I am terrible at finding names.)I also know it's risky because of motion sickness, but I r...

Explorer 1

Here's my WIP. It's not really a game, more of an interactive environment. The goal is to let the user experience what it's like to live in space on a long range explorer ship. Here's a very WIP image :The ship:- a Ramjet based Nuclear Electric propu...

Rift Racer

Wanted to share a few screenshots of my game "Rift Racer". (ah well, wasn't THAT creative on the name... ;-))It's a sibling of my upcoming racing game "Far Out Racing" which is going to hit the Mac App Store this month. I took all the racing assets a...

vorpX - Rift 3D-Driver

vorpX is a stereoscopic 3d-driver that allows you to play existing games on the Rift. It is specifically geared towards the Rift and offers various features to tackle inherent issues that arise when you play games on the Rift that are not designed fo...

ralfal by Level 2
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