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VR Player

Hello,I have been working on VR Player in my spare time since the end of last year. It's my first open source contribution and I hope that it will help the adoption of virtual reality technologies. VR Player is an experimental Virtual Reality Media P...

Doom 3 BFG Edition (RB + OpenVR)

You can find the latest version here, last updated Dec 13, 2016, 6:19 PM PST, it is based upon RB DOOM 3 BFG and OpenVR: is 4 ways to play:* Seated with Gamepad or Keyboard / M...

Leyland by Level 5
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Infinity VR Drive-In v1.7 [DK2, SDK4.1]

For your consideration...http://www.infinitydrivein.comAnother destination, among many, to add to your DK1 and DK2 VR library...SDK 4.1 integration completed. 3D sbs option available in quick start.v1.7 on 8/23 with SDK 4.1v1.6 on 7/27 with SDK 4.0 v...

javdog by Level 2
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Pig Simulator [WIP]

Hi All here is the first working prototype (unity 5.2.1f1) of the Pig Simulator I build for my master thesis. It is still in a rough state and I want to add some more interesting VRinteraction.Added mac version ... sadly "virtual reality supported" r...

Immerse Creator for VR: Open Design Process've decided to open our design process to the public on a complete UI/UX overhaul for Immerse Creator - a VR collaborative creativity suite we currently have in Early Access on Steam (here). Immerse Creator is compatible...

Leadwerks Game Engine 4.5 enables easy VR development

I am pleased to announce the release of Leadwerks Game Engine 4.5. The new version introduces support for VR headsets including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and all OSVR-based hardware, allowing developers to create both room-scale and seated VR experi...

Raybeem - VR Music Visualizer

Hello Everyone!My name's Bryson Whiteman and my team Sokay is located in Los Angeles, Long Beach area. We're working on a virtual reality music visualizer called Raybeem.The objective for Raybeem is to provide an environment to chill out and live in ...

360 Parallel Memories

check out the remix of the best #shadertoy shaders in a 360 video

zproxy by Level 5
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Visualizing the VR flight simulation experience

I've been making a series of videos where I edit webcam footage together with in-game footage from Digital Combat Simulator. I think it's a good way to illustrate what VR feels like to someone who has never experienced it, and it makes flight sim vid...

Pinatas Rockets / Teaser Trailer for an upcoming Indie VR game

Hi All,I'm Xavier Bottet. I have some years in video games development (23) and I'm happy to share with the forum, a cool achievement. Since I’vefinished my last contract in Bigpoint, time has been more than loaded. I was a VR enthusiast since few ye...

XavVR by Level 3
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Reality Decks - DJ in VR - looking for beta testers

Hi all,We are looking for beta testers for our VR DJing app, Reality Decks. Here is a bit about it or just take a look at the teaser vid below.To get the beta reply here or send your Oculus ID to phil@realitydecks.comI'm a DJ/producer here in London ...

Apocalypse Rider - A VR racing game without Motion Sickness

Hi everyone, I am here presenting a new game for GearVR that I have worked in called Apocalypse Rider!The main idea behind this game is that most of the time I get very dizzy playing almost any Racing game in VR, so we tried a lot to make the most co...

Collaborators for PhD Research

Hi allMy name is Borja Herrera and I'm conducting a PhD Research in the area of language learning. For my research I'm using Oculus Rift and I'd need collaborators. Your task would be participating in some lessons where you would learn Spanish from y...

BorjaH by Level 3
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TMIN VR video player with gesture controls

Hi, everyone.I want to introduce our project T.MIN [tiːmiːn]. We are working on it some time. I hope to get feedback in order to understand if we are moving in the right direction.About project. We want to create VR environment where you can control ...

Until None Remain - Battle Royale VR

Until None Remain is a futuristic multiplayer first person shooter in a Battle Royale or Last Man Standing format. Matches pit weaponless players against one another in a death match that continues until only one player remains. Players must rush to ...

D_W_S_ by Level 3
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Update:Version 1.1.0 is up on share but for some reason it still says "pre-0.6.0" even though it has been updated to Updated Oculus SDK to Improved memory usage. implemented first...

opamp by Level 3
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Escape from Pirate's Rock - Alpha testers required :)

Hi to all!I have been working on a VR game, I think its ready for an alpha test now.You need only one click, so you can use Oculus remote or mouse click.It's kind a Room Escape type of a game. You have been captured from the pirates for a ransom and ...

dboshe by Level 2
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[Jurassic World] Gyrosphere UE4 Ride

Hey everyone!For the last couple of weeks I've been working on a personal project of mine, I've always wanted to make a dinosaur game. A few weeks ago, I reverse engineered the Jurassic Park: The Game model format and slapped together a few models fr...

Easy to use Oculus Store and sales overview guys, I made this simple app for simple access to Oculus store (since i find oculus experiences web hard to search and stuff). If you have any suggestions for improvements please fire away, its a hobby project...

Gibbon by Level 3
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