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Bell - 360 VR Animation - Thesis in Taiwan

360 VR Trailer: FB :" is a 3D computer animation with VR technology. In a humorous way to present the mysterious Chinese zombie legend. Horror atmosphere with 360-degree...

Nimbus - A VR Music Video

Hey folks, I released my first project last month, Nimbus, which is an animated music video entirely created by yours truly!I used to do a little game design in my spare time years ago and as soon as I tried VR, I just knew that I had to make somethi... - Oculus Rift App Launcher & Downloader

Hi guys,I'm working on a new Rift app that connects you to a bunch of other Rift apps. It's basically a portal where you go into a 3D VR world and navigate into other ones. You can browse, download, and launch apps all within your Rift. It's progress...

QUAKE II Working on CV1

some users on the oculus reddit got it working. now someone needs to add touch support

RABID by Level 5
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Salvo Game Update 4 Completed - Rift - Touch

Hi Alltldr; I need testers, my game is practically complete and I'd like to check it. Let me know if you are interestedI have my game Salvo nearly launch ready and 100% ready for testingSingle Player Mission System - CompletedOver 200 missions10 rank...

Design it, Drive it : Speedboats

Design it, Drive it: Speedboats is an Oculus Rift speedboat simulator that lets you design and drive your own speedboats on a Windows PC. Whether you end up with boats that are slow, fast, turn well, chine walk, or tend to blow over at high speeds or...

jtw62074 by Level 4
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Hi all, I'm making a old school game and I do it VR Compatible.It's done with UE4, I only have a DK2 but may work with a CV1.VR mode is no optimized yet. and have some glitchs. I still working.Try it by youself at: ht...

pery77 by Level 2
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We've launched EA of Steam 2 month ago. Now we've made first build with Touch Support: are going to launch huge update soon on Steam with many new features and polish and optimize game for Oculus by the en...

Realtime Mixed Reality

Hey everyone! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here.I’ve been working a lot on camera tracking and virtual production, and recently I made a Unity add-on that enables realtime mixed reality using a Kinect.NextStage Pro is an app I’ve develop...

The Villain Simulator [NSFW]

The Villain Simulator is under development and is being crowdfunded on Patreon.Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Non VR ReadyFor more information please visit my Patreon page:

Znel by Level 3
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Stolen Steel VR: A swordfighting game

Hey folks,Just dropping in real quick to let ya'll know about our new game Stolen Steel VR, a swordfighting VR experience. Supports Vive and Rift+Touch (room scale). It's currently waiting release approval on Steam. Here's the (not public yet) store ...

Joewa by Level 3
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This is why I love VR - Robo Recall comedy montage by imSuck

Hi all!I'm having a blast with my Oculus and was extatic to see that Robo Recall was released for free. I rushed to throw together a comedic montage using some highlights from my experiences. For a 2-day project, I wasn't expecting it to get much pra...

Cries of Harvest released for GearVR just released this little retro-arcade inspired game for GearVR. You can get the from the store: harvesting!

Zhamul by Level 3
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Detached is now available (Early Access)

Hello! I wrote yesterday on Oculus subreddit about Detached, but the official Oculus forum seems to be even better source of information  So, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jakub from Anshar Studios and our Detached game is finally app...

How to run application on multiple computers at once

Hi, we are doing nice implementation for 10 computers/oculus CV1.We would like to run it at once on all of them at the same second. Do you have any ideas how to make it with one button of the keyboard on one MAster/admin computer connected to the res...

ZENonVR by Level 3
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Squidbeam Games is pleased to announce the release of Twobit for the Gear VR! is a unique VR puzzle-platform game. Only using his or her sight, the player controls a little robot in a st...

GirlMirrorLook Based on Tuscany Demo

This demo is based on the Tuscany demo project included with Unity 4 and using the Oculus VR extras. A girl avatar is attached to the camera controller, and the head motion of the girl avatar is calibrated to the controller so the girl moves her head...

Pornflix and Chill [NSFW]

Features at a Glance:Grabbable and Poseable Body PartsTracked Penis (place controller on hip, then reposition penis with other controller)Genital Physics. Fully modeled vagina that you can stuff and lose things in.Interactive Nipples.Watch Porn Flix ...