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"Dream nº1" for Oculus Rift.

Level 3
Hello! I am the developer of "Dream nº1" for Oculus Rift. "Dreams" is a suite of small pieces for piano, each of them set in a different place. I am currently looking for a 3d artist who wants to collaborate with me. The idea is to make an app with about 15 piano songs in which each track takes a tour of some magical or fantastic place, as in "Dream nº1". If a 3d artist is interested in the project I would appreciate your help. Finally, if someone invests his time in downloading and testing my application, thank you in advance. Thanks for playing my game;)
Link to Dream nº1:

Level 10
Dream N1 is one of my favorite experience on Rift, lot of presence feeling, very good, congrats!

“Dreams feel real while we are in them, it's only when we wake up that we realize something was strange.” - Dom Cobb

"Be careful, if you are killed in real life you die in VR too." - TD_4242

I7 10700K,  RTX 3070, 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz, Oculus Rift CV1