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[Bug] App is not in the store for S6, please let us know if this device is supported or not.

Level 2

I am trying to publish my Gear VR app over Oculus Store. All the tests are passed, just one test got failed. 

Oculus mentioned following test failed:
-  App is not in the store for S6, please let us know if this device is supported or not.

I didn't have any option to choose the compatible phones with Gear VR in my project. 

I have been testing everytime over S6 only. 

Please let me know, how can I tell Oculus team that S6 is also a supported device. 

Looking forward hearing back !

Level 2

Thanks for posting my comment to right channel. 

Can I get some solution to my problem, Its being long i have been stuck on this final bug. 

Level 2
I was earlier having a discussion over Oculus Tickets regarding same point, Let me send you a screenshot for same. I have mailed them now as per your suggestion too. I hope your solution solves my problem.

Level 2

My submission again got rejected, I mailed them first and notified them that this app is for S6 phone and then submitted app again, and they rejected for same reason. 

I am attaching screenshots of what I sent them and what they further replied. 

And while submission, I added a note : My app runs over Samsung S6 phone. 

Have a look at feedback from Oculus Team
Not sure if the app is or isn't supported on the S6...this is the note we got "My app also runs over Samsung S6 Phone" But, the app is NOT in the store for this device. Please resubmit on the S6 device if it is supported.

How do I resubmit on S6 Device specifically ?

Looking forward for your response !

Paramjot Singh