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Failed "Prompts Test" after getting a "Content Review Passed" email

Level 3
I am the lead VR developer at Boundless Reality and our team has been trying to publish an app on the oculus store for about a couple of weeks now. Our team sent in a store release submission for our Gear VR app two weeks ago, and we were notified that we passed both the technical and content review earlier this week. However, we recently received a retroactively flagged technical review error that claims that our app crashes on S6 operating on Android Lollipop. We tried to reproduce the crash with the same setup on our end but couldn't, and I have been asking for more info from the submission team (support ticket no. is #364330 ) I usually hear back pretty quickly from them, but this time, we haven't heard back from them for more than a week. Since we are ready for publishing and have already passed both tests previously, this is quite an urgent issue.

Here are the details about the app:
Name: Boundless
May 26, 2017 (6:07pm)
Version: 0.2.46 Code: 27

Level 5

I've looked into this, and can confirm that the Store Submission team will be taking action on this by end of day tomorrow. Thanks for your patience in this matter!