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[GEAR VR] App Rejected

Level 2
When going from in game and pressing back button (long press) it takes you to the Universal Menu which that should be fine. But pressing the back button once again it takes me to another screen which says "exit to Oculus Home?" Is there a way to remove that screen and make it so that it takes you back to the game instead? App gets rejected from that and wanted to know how to solve that. Thanks!
I am using Unity 5.5.0p1 and the latest SDK and Utilities.

Level 7

Welcome to the Forums!

Have a look at the Reserved User Interactions in the documentation:

In Unity if no back button behavior is identified by the application it opens the Universal Menu with a confirmation dialog asking if the user wants to return to Oculus Home, which sounds like what you are running into.

Let me know if that helps.
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Level 2
Hi juanoldinho,
I found the issue that I was having. The issue was that the OvrPlatformMenu.cs script is interfering with the button presses. Removing that from the Hierarchy does exactly what its intended. Pressing the back button (long press) takes me to the Universal Menu. Pressing the back button again will take me directly back to the game and never shows me the "exit to Oculus Home" screen. Which is great!

Now the other issue is that pressing the back button (short press) doesnt not do anything anymore. It doesnt show me the "PlatformUIConfirmQuit" at all. I am wondering if this is a bug? If I try to add the back button (short press) it will take me back to the same issue I had before. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Level 2
I am experiencing the exact same issue as well - OvrPlatformMenu allows the 'exit to home' screen in-app but also puts it in after leaving the Universal Menu from a short-press. Did you ever resolve this?

Level 3
Any instructions for downgrading to the previous SDK? I must be missing something obvious as I can't figure out how to install the SDK  😐

Level 4
Same problem here, two days trying to fix it.. =/

Level 2
So before seeing imperativity's response, I found a solution that worked for us.
Since Unity has built in functionality to call up the Universal Menu without using the OVRPlatformMenu script, if you avoid using that particular script, everything else seems to work. Then all that needs done is to call up the Quit menu on a short press. Write your own simple script to capture when 'back' is pressed for less than .25s and set that to call

OVRPlugin.ShowUI (OVRPlugin.PlatformUI.ConfirmQuit) just like the OVRPlatformMenu does.
Hope that helps someone.

Level 3
Thanks for the information, this has been driving me mad for the last couple of days till i finally ran a demo scene from the sample framework and found it wasnt a problem with my code. Seems harsh to be rejected based on a platform bug 😞

Level 3
I have managed to fix the issue and submit successfully albeit with a few below 60 fps issues now. Thanks

Level 2

If anyone is still having this issue, private message me for a fixed script file that you can use to address this issue.

Oculus Utilities 1.11 will be out in a week and will also have this fix included.

How can I obtain the patch? I've thought I found a way around the bug by creating my own short back key confirmation menu, but the Store reviewers rejected it all the same. I struggled with this for days trying to find a solution. Please help.

A “back” action is interpreted by the application dependent on its current state, but generally it will retreat one level in an interface hierarchy. The short-press should provide a custom confirmation dialog which allows the user to exit the app and return to Oculus Home.
Short press does not work correctly. Short press should bring the user to the "exit to the Oculus Home?" screen."