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Looking for input--What's wrong with my game?

Level 5
I just got answer back from the Oculus Submissions Team today, "your application is not yet suited for the Oculus Store".

It doesn't seem to be a technical problem; otherwise, I believe they would tell me more specifically what technical problem it has. Also, it did pass the technical review.

I humbly ask for experienced developers in this Forum to give me brutally honest feedback. Please take a look at my game and tell me what's something to fix about it.  I would really appreciate it.

I've spent about 18 months in time and financial resources in developing this game, and I've somewhat burnt my bridges, so I really need to publish this game in the Oculus Store.


This is an Oculus Go / Gear VR game.

Here is the YouTube trailer for this game:

If you are willing to give me honest feedback, please take a Key below for you to download and play it for free with the "Oculus Go" or the "Gear VR" headset:











You can redeem the key here:

Please post in the comments below which key you have used.  You can post your feedback publicly in the comments below, or private message me. Either way, I'll appreciate it.  I really need to fix and publish this game.

I'll welcome any suggestions.

Level 7
Hi @Truthveyor, I will have a look at your VR Eperience as soon as the battery of my GO is fully charged.  😉  

Level 7
@Truthveyor , I suggest that you post your request in the Start Member forum in Start Member App Feedback

Level 5
Thanks, I will, @Neontop .

Level 5
We are working through a similar situation.  Start with and go through all parts of that guide, with your game in mind.  We started with locomotion as our biggest need for improvement, but identify any parts of your game that may conflict with best practices.  After making sure you conform as best you can, I bet the second application will be successful! That's our plan / hope at least.  I'll try to demo your game if I get a home setup.

Level 5
Thanks, @JacksonGordon . I'll do exactly that.  

Level 5
@Neontop , have you had a chance to play Hoppy Animals? Any feedback on what you think may be the reason it was rejected or what could be fixed?  Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Level 7

Hello @Truthveyor

This is some thoughts
which I found during the game. It is my personal opinion...

The main characters
looks to humans while they are supposed to represent animals.

Owl, Elephant are The
example to follow aesthetically for model and texture

The tutorial is too
long (if you can include the tutorial during game play it will be better)

Not necessary to catch
20 flower to learn how to move

User Interface:

-speech bubble are too
short in time.

-if the game is
targeting children from 6 to 8 years it would be wise to simplify the

Content Level:

Thematic has to be
more consistent: when you are in a western environment you are surrounded by
desert, cactus, saloon, but to gain the ability to shoot there is a stone with
symbols which are more related to Viking symbols or something else…


The good points:


All motions are well
done and easy to understand and to use.


Music is soft and


Colours are well done
in the world and animations are fluid in GO.

@Truthveyor I found
your game very beautiful and well done, ask help as you are a StartMember and I’m
sur that they will help you.

I apologise for my
poor English as I’m better in French.

Level 5
Thank you, @Neontop . I will fix many of the points you've mentioned.

All of the artwork (screenshots, cover art, trailer) had already been done for the main characters, so I will try to pass the review without altering the main characters, at least not as a last resort.

I'm not trying to target children, as the recommended age to use the headset is still 13, I believe.  Also, I read somewhere that most VR players are in their 30's. I know I have a cute, cartoony style, but I'm hoping adults (especially women) will like the cute style.

Level 5
@Neontop , remember me?  Back in February you gave me some really good constructive input on my game Hoppy Animals, and I've finally gotten back to my game and made some big changes. I've used almost all of your suggestions.

Can you play the game again and give me your brutally honest opinion on anything else to change, such as anything which is frustrating, boring, unprofessional, etc?

NOTE: You will probably need to "update" the game to get the new version, which I uploaded yesterday. Please let me know if you have any trouble with it.

Feel free to post your feedback in this thread.