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Submiting remotely controlled app

Level 4
Hi, I have made 2 apps. One is an app for Gear VR, the second is a normal Android app. The Android app remotely controlls the Gear app. The whole purpose of this, is to block user interface and all user actions while he uses the VR goggles. The person holding the controller decides what content is shown on the Gear VR.

So i tried to put the VR app in the store (so i dont need to use osigs anymore) but for obvious reason it got rejected as there is no user inteface.

So my question is how to deal with that? Can I publish something like app package contaning 2 apps for testing purpose in store? I wrote all the information and gave the link to the controller app while sending to review but i belive that there are some robots working there and nobody read that actually.

Level 4
anyone from Oculus Staff around?

Level 5
That sounds really cool. Does the VR app at least respect the back button and open the Universal Menu that lets you return to Oculus Home or Reorient forward?  Or is not having that control part of a conscious design decision? I'm just curious. After all, you can't stop someone from just taking their VR googles off, so why not allow those reserved interactions?

Level 4
All buttons beside volume control are disabled by design. We use the app to show movies and presentations. People very often tend to hit buttons by mistake while adjusting the goggles. While having 10 or more ppl watching some content it happened very often that somebody opened menu, or closed the video etc. Now there is no risk of such situations.
Yes they still can take off the goggles but thats not a problem. I just wanted them to not interfere with the content i want to show them. And i want to have controll over what they see at certain moment.

Anyway, can someone from Oculus staff give em advice what to do with the review process?

Level 8
The submission guidelines require that the system menu and volume control buttons work consistently across all applications. I think even to be approved on a keys-only basis you still have to meet those requirements. Maybe a different distribution system, such as, is what you need instead?