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What are Mini Landscape and VR landscape and what are their safe area requirements?

Level 3
In the store asset guidelines ( there is a "Mini landscape" image mentioned, but it doesn't say anywhere what it's for. 
On the asset upload page for a Quest app in the developer dashboard the "Mini landscape" doesn't appear, but there is a "VR Landscape" image requested.  It also doesn't say what it's for but it's the same resolution as the "Mini landscape".  So my questions are:

- Are these two images the same thing?
- What are they used for?
- What are the safe area requirements? (Neither is included in the provided StoreCoverTemplates file)

Level 7
From the StoreArtGuidelines.pdf
*The safe area rule applies to all Store covers except the mini-landscape asset.

Level 3
Thanks.   I don't think that pdf exists any more though.  The old URL now just redirects to the docs page.

Regardless, you are correct.  I've had confirmation from Oculus that "VR Landscape" and "Mini Landscape" are the same thing and there is no safe area.