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Oculus Platform Command Line Utility

Hello, can anyone help with my issue of uploading to the store? I uploaded the game to the server using the oculus Platform Command Line Utility. After Validating build.... A server error occurred. The request will be retried. Not sure what is wrong,...

Where the hell is my order?!?!?!

I ordered the Oculus Quest Vader 64GB and it gave me my order number but it’s not showing up in my orders. It said it would ship by February 24th and I ordered it December 29th. I have waited two weeks and no status on the delivery. All I want to kno...

Verifying download and crash

I created a GearVR app using UE4. I am running the app after uploading it to the store build for distribution, the app will close with the following video Does anyone know why?https : // Ps.My UE4 version is 4.23

Adding third party tracking devices

Dear community,I was wondering if it is possible to add custom made controllers that are capable of being tracked by the oculus rift system.Does the SDK support something like this, I couldn't find any threads talking about this on the forum.Many tha...

Resolved! Oculus Quest Concept Submission Guidelines

Hey there everyone. I've tried to submit two different concepts for Oculus Quest, both times trying to mimic the example proposal, and have been declined. My problem is I don't know what I need to improve so I may be approved. I tried replying the fi...

Depth map settings on store image assets?

Hi,I am not sure if this is only my issue, but I think on my oculus quest store icons, there is some sort of depth effect set to the images.As a developer and publisher, we have been through the process of submitting brand assets, however we have nev...

Oculus quest

Sup pepsIf I purchase a oculus quest in New Zealand and deliver it to New Zealand. In that product will it give me a new power adapter or will I need to buy one?Cheers Ryan

Geusey by Level 2
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Visual C++ 2019 Redistrubtable support

Currently in the command line upload tools there isn't support for the Visual Studio 2019 redistributables. Anyone know if this is supported and what the RedistID is if it is supported[EDIT] This is now updated...

Oculus Go Store Asset Guildelines?

I'm asking this because Unity itself does not really limit sizes for their icons and splash images. Right now, the splash image looks very bad. Where do I get the necessary resolutions for my app for the Oculus Go?

3rd Party EULA in Oculus Store

Is it possible to have a 3rd party EULA pop up when a player installs a game from the Oculus store in the same way that Steam will sometimes show a 3rd party EULA for the player to continue with the install?Or do I need to put my EULA in-game?

Delete binary from dashboard

I've encountered an issue where a binary with a rogue keystore was allowed to be uploaded to our store listing. I now need to upload further binaries with the original keystore, but can't as the app now (correctly) flags the change (even though it sh...

Dover8 by Level 3
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Store submission / Download or Update app

Mrs, Mr,We are a start-up developing VR apps for Oculus Go. One of our application is created for professionnal, so we would like to know if it possible to put an app on the Oculus store, and make it private, so only specific users can have access to...

Not yet suited

After spending a year developing our app with several submissions and rejections from Oculus, and only to get an answer "is not yet suited for the Oculus Store" is pretty pathetic from Oculus. Any suggestions?

Cannot upload new build to store channel

@imperativity Hello again! I am having the same problem I did in May when trying to upload a build to the store channel. The upload fails with a problem processing, see screenshot below. Previously I posted this bug which is still open and my build s...

Upload failed - Processing issue

Hi @imperativity I'm trying to upload a build the alpha channel for testing but no matter what I do I end up with the popup of doom:Processing issueSorry, we encountered a problem while processing the file that you uploaded. Please try again later.Th...