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Oculus paid apps and games

Hello, l'm from Morocco and l'm a VR game developer. l have a question about publishing paid apps and games in oculus store, l want to know if developers from all countries can distribute paid apps and games or no, thank you.

Understanding early access (for developers)

Hey guys, hope your doing well..My team are thinking of considering an early access (ea) version of our game, but we seem to have some questions to understand the "early access" way fully:1. Once the players bout the early access, they will have acce...

Subscription based apps

Hi what is policy on this?I see in the TRC's it says "Apps in the Oculus Store must not contain other platforms or commerce solutions". Though I don't think the IAP Platform SDK implements subscriptions yet.A client wants to implement a subscription ...

Submission rejected for distortion problem on AMD 290

Hi everyone, i have a problem with the submission of my build and i hope someone can help me or put me in the right direction.My game is for the Rift, my build pass every test performance but failed only on VR PC PERFORMANCE 7 with this explanation :...

Vinz by Level 3
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apk can't be validated

hi everyone,i have created an app for oculus go and i would insert in oculus store but when i submit my app found some issue in AndroidManifest.xmli have correct everything but nothingcan someone help me?p.s. I have attached the following files

IARC changes

I got a few emails from the IARC changing my ratings. Do I need to do any kind of updates or such to my page? The ratings changes are pretty minor, like E everyone becomes E everyone - mild fantasy violence. USK 3+ became USK 6+ - Abstract Violence.

Question about "keys only"

When your submission is rejected with a keys only status, does this always mean the standard of quality of your product is considered too low for the store? Or could it also be the case that there is a specific problem that can still be fixed? If tha...

sheafnl by Level 2
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Can't install from Alpha channel on Oculus Go?

I've got my APK uploaded into the Developer Dashboard, and as far as I can tell it is signed properly, because the site took it. I can even (finally) see my app from the Developer Feed inside the Oculus Go!But when I try to install it, it downloads i...

please.. read this discussion about submission.....

Hello. This is MintPot. We've been trying to release mintpot app for over 5 month in oculus store. We've tried many times.. but it is not enough... At first, we did not pass the technical test, but we solved it.After that, oculus asked us to remove s...

MintPot by Level 3
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Content Review Processes

I submitted my game for review 4 weeks ago. It went into technical review, and I got very helpful feedback showing the test cases that passed and / or failed. I didn't have my entitlements check implemented correctly, and the feedback I received was ...

Jamoke by Level 3
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Getting my payment?

Hello,We have generated around 1000$ for our game Old Hag effect and filled banking informations, but we haven’t received any payments so far.What are we missing to get our commision?

why my app can't search in app store

i upload a app named "Vimiu VR GO" and set search keywords as "vimiu","vimiuvr","photo" etc. but i can't search it from app store.preview in Experiences page showd seems my app is aready upload in store success and i can download it in oculus go but ...

why my app can't search in app store

i upload a app named "Vimiu VR GO" and set search keywords as "vimiu","vimiuvr","photo" etc. but i can't search it from app store.preview in Experiences page showd seems my app is aready upload in store success and i can download it in oculus go but ...

Q - Application Approved for Keys Only

Hello,I am hoping to get more information on my application as it was approved for Keys Only. Is there any feedback as to why it was approved for keys only so I can further develop my application? The application's name: OSHA Ladder SafetyThanks

vartech by Level 3
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App awaiting review for months

i submitted my app for review on November 10th 2018 and its still says its awaiting review. it does however say it passed the Technical review tests. it says i can unsubmit and resubmit it but if theres actually a reason why is taking this long I don...

Changes required but all tests passed?

Hello,I received a notification that during the submission process there are changes needed. There is no additional information except a link to the test result page, where all (technical) test cases are marked as "passed". There are no tests visible...

store build can't uninstall and update

I publish oculus store channel version 1.0 apk .After i check oculus device app will show on library-> Not installed then installed . after one day i publish version 2.0 apk . In oculus device App will not be update so i uninstall the app but it is s...

duraidk by Level 2
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VRC.Mobile.Functional.1 problem on GO only

Hi,I passed the test once for an app I sent, and now it doesn't pass. Oculus said this : VRC.Mobile.Functional.1 *This issue only occurs on Oculus GO The user is unable to fully download and install the application from the store.I never had this iss...

[STORE] Can't Update or Uninstall

Hello !We are submitting an app to the store throught the Alpha channel, we have only 2 users invited so far.The issue is that once installed users can't Update or Uninstall the app : - Updating : Will download the new version but not install it - Un...