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improve playtime or users as keys-only app?

Level 3

I heard that Oculus continues to monitor user metrics for our key-only apps.

Oculus said that I have to consider about user adoption, game play time, etc.

I have a question for this.

How can the keys-only app get users? as I know, keys-only app does not mean releasing to oculus store.

so, keys-only app is not possible to get users. right?

I guess I create new oculus keys. and then give them my acquaintances to use my app.

this is only way to get app play time. is it right?

I don't have any idea for improving user and playing time as keys-only app.

Please give me any answer.



Level 3
I believe I'm in a similar situation.  I've tweeted out keys, and have not had them redeemed.   I've used as many applicable hashtags as I can think of...  Most of my play time has been going in one section of my game, and testing a particular feature, and then exiting to fix a bug.  I don't have friends 😞 ...  With VR headsets, I mean.  So I'm not clear on the path to publishing if I have to do the distribution manually myself and for free.    (Sure would be nice to have a distribution partner to help out with visibility)

And as I thought about it this evening, if I come across a developer tweeting free keys to a game I can't confirm exists in the store, before today I would have assumed it was a scam.  Based on my theory, and my distribution of keys to a dozen different forums, news entities, friends with the device, etc. etc. and not a single key redeemed....  I refuse to believe it has anything to do with my game, because I have ZERO market visibility, and ZERO impression on my game aside from the Key.

I get the sense this is a polite way of Oculus saying that they think your game is... less than perfect.  

I'm honestly a little surprised at Oculus claiming to be a "partner" to all developers submitting to the store and yet not giving feedback on what needs to be done to go up for sale.

Please tell me where my game is deficient.  Be transparent.  Let me know what needs to be fixed or improved.   Please don't let my game simply die because of lack of transparency.

Level 7
Give away keys on