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Receiving phone calls

Level 2
What is the correct procedure when the user receives a phone call when playing a game on the Gear VR?

Our QA has flagged a number of bugs referring to the fact that the input doesn't work when they have received a phone call while playing. I've looked over the docs and I can't seem to find anything that goes over this and I can't seem to find any call back regarding receiving a phone call that would mean we could at least pause the game when it happens.

Any help? (We're using Unity if that helps)

Level 15
Can you be more specific as to the bugs you are finding in this case?

I can check to see if there is a preferred flow for when a call comes in mid-game.
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Level 2
Hi crammy360,

Unfortunately we don't control the handling of these notifications so there isn't anything we can do to detect when these are triggered. Currently there are two options for users:

1) Swipe the touchpad to immediately dismiss the notification.
2) Enable "Do Not Disturb" mode in the Universal Menu to prevent any notifications from appearing while in VR.

Level 2
Sorry for the lateness of my reply, I've been off sick.

The bugs that we are getting is that all input for the game is prevented until the player does something with the phone call notification. It means that the game will continue playing without player input which is a little unfair especially when there is a lot of action on the screen.

Since it sounds like we can't really do anything about it, I'll pass that on to our QA guys.