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1.10 broke Elite Dangerous

Level 4
Since 1.10 there is now a flashing, banding, warbling effect going on in Elite Dangerous.  I have a 1070 and even on low settings the effect is still present.  In 1.09 I could play the game on High with no issues.

There's a thread on the elite forums about this.  There doesn't seem to be anyone on 1.10 posting that doesn't have the issue.

Not sure if it's Oculus or Frontier's issue to fix.

Level 3
I have posted about issues with ASW on this forum. I managed to turn it off by pressing CTRL+ALT+1. This stopped the distortion for me. ASW isn't great for Elite Dangerous. I'm using a 1080gtx and it causes more stuttering as well as the distortion you describe above.

Level 4
Numpad 1 or regular one?  Do u need the reg key to do this?

Level 10
No need the reg key, and it's the numpad to your right. Be sure to have numlock well set.

BTW I can definitivelly live with ASW and Elite, the small distortion is a tiny disturbance comparing to have a smoother gameplay between 45 and 90 fps. Just adjust you settings to keep 90fps mainly, and it will fire only when really needed.

BTW #2 : I didn't launch Elite last couple of days so cannot say 1.10 broke Elite, I'll test tonight

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Level 4
Well that's part of the problem.  There's distortion effects even when above 90fps.  Something isn't working right.

Level 5
Hi guys,

We'll take a look at this but I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be something for Oculus to fix on their end. Hopefully we can find a bit more about why this is happening and help them get it fixed though 🙂

Apologies for any inconvenience caused in the meanwhile!

-CMDR Vanguard

Level 9
I have 2 x GTX 1080 and dont have any issues, runs like a charm with ASW @ ultra settings.
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Level 7

I have the same flashing/warping issue (I have a 970M gpu)... it started just after the 1.10 update and disabling ASW with CTRL-NumPad1 (no need for ALT key) fixes it.

Level 3
I have noticed this too, and also everything looks a little bit blurry. Eve Valkyrie is similarly affected. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Level 3
Is it possible to disable ASW?