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300+ ms Latency whilst using Virtual Desktop, fine whilst using Oculus

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I started Virtual Desktop yesterday, it being my 20th or so time using Virtual Desktop, keep it mind I had been using Virtual Desktop for multiple weeks and it's been working fine.

When I started it I was getting horrible stuttering and lag, so I turned on the performance overlay and noticed huge spikes in Latency, Networking, and drops in FPS (Sorry for horrible screenshot, it's the best I could get). Anyway, does anyone else have this problem? Is it just related to internet issues? I tested my connection and I get 150mb download and 30mb upload speed, but I'm not connected to a port of any kind.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Vedorock,


We understand that you were experiencing performance issues with your Oculus while using an application.


Is the issue only occurring with the app in question or with other apps as well?


Since Virtual Desktop is not a application we provide official support for, we would advise contacting the developer's website for more assistance:


If this is an on going issue with multiple apps with your Oculus device, please private message us so we can look into this issue further.


Thank you!   


I tried Virtual Desktop today again, but I got the same results as before, and I also tried Oculus Air Link and got the same Latency and graphics stuttering issues, but worse. If I launch a game from the Oculus headset, such as VRChat it runs fine, but if I even launch Air Link it fails, or if I try playing a game with VD then I get the issues explained above.


My general assumption is that there are issues with the connection between my headset and PC, since that's where the issues arise. I'm not sure how to elaborate further since it can get complicated quick with Lan connections issues and ethernet pairing but I'm unsure of any solutions. I'll just have to avoid using VD and Oculus Air Link for the time being.