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3090 ti - Oculus Rift S Display Port Issue

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I recently upgraded my 2080ti SLI to a 3090 ti. Everything has been great, most of all was just happy to no longer have to tinker with profile settings to get the SLI to work for some games.

Then I went and opened up the Oculus software to try out some VR games with my Rift S and got a warning about display port not connected. This was a little troubling since VR worked perfectly fine with the 2080 ti's.

So I did all the standard thing like reconnecting the USB and display port cable at both ends, trying different display ports on the 3090 ti that are indeed working when monitors are plugged into them. I used DDU to remove all the display drivers and then re-installed them with clean install and same issue. Did that again but with also re-installing the Oculus software and drivers clean but issue persists.

So i start wondering if the headset is broken so I plug it into another PC I have with a EVGA GTX 980 and headset works perfectly fine. So I once again use DDU to uninstall all display drivers on my main PC, remove the 3090 ti card, install one 2080 ti card and install it's drivers and Rift S works fine with the 2080 ti on that PC with nothing else changed except the card and drivers.

So at this point it appears there must be a compatibility issue with the 3090 ti and Rift S detecting display port. So I take to Reddit, Nvidia, Oculus, Guru3d forums and cannot find anyone using this config either working or with issue. I do however find a lot of people having a similar display port issue with the 3090 ti and the HP Reverb G2.

So I open support tickets with Oculus and Nvidia. I have gone through all their troubleshooting steps and submitted my logs to them but they are both stumped at the moment. Oculus was kinda like, most likely this will be resolved in a driver update or 2 from us or NVIDIA. NVIDIA has sent me to 2nd level support but haven't heard anything back yet.

Just wanted to post here to see if anyone has the same config either working or with the same issue. If this is an issue with Oculus headsets like it is for the HP Reverb G2, want to make sure they are aware and looking into it as well.


Level 15

Although 3090 Ti sounds great, personally I postponed getting my 3090 until I was sure the card was fully supported by Oculus - for my beloved Rift CV1, which I'm still using and it's working flawlessly. 


Oculus may take months (years?) to support new video cards, and as you may know Win11 is not even supported at the moment (Win11 officially launched more than ½ year ago) . PCVR seems to have very low priority for Meta these days, sadly. I do wonder if Series 40 (like RTX 4090 or whatever it'll be named) will even be supported by Meta for the Rifts, we'll see when that time comes... 


I have no clue what's causing your issue but maybe better to contact Nvidia, not sure you'll get much help from Oculus support as extremely few probably will end up using a 3090 Ti. 2c.


PS. If everything else fails, the Rift CV1 uses HDMI, not DisplayPort, should you have access to the great old Rift CV1 maybe interesting if that'll work with the 3090 Ti. 

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Yeah been going as many avenues as possible. Unfortunately Rift S is the only headset I have ever owned but I was wondering about the HDMI too. Hoping someone will at least pop up in here to say it's working or not working. Just haven't been able to read of anyone with the same config yet either way.

Level 3

Just got my 3090 ti Thursday. Tried to boot up my headset and I am getting the same issue. Oculus app says no DisplayPort Connection. I hope Oculus makes a new patch / driver soon.

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Hey there! We'd love to help get your headset working with your PC so please PM us or click HERE to submit a support ticket. Thanks!

Already had one open. 4713313

Level 3

I am experiencing the same issue. I just upgraded my GPU from a 2080 Super to an EVGA 3090 TI. The headset works fine on the 2080, but on the 3090 TI I get the "No Display Port Connection" message as everyone else here is having.

I have also gone through the same troubleshooting steps for removing and adding the drivers. Firmware version is 2.2.1 on the headset. Hopefully someone can provide tips on how they got it working or if we have to just wait for updated drivers from Oculus.

Hello toldroyd, we appreciate you for this update. We see you have tried out a few steps, sharing these bit of details will help us out on determining what steps we will need to take. Please submit a ticket here, we want to have a one-on-one with you, so we can get you back up and running! Hope to hear back from you soon! 

Level 3

Same here. Upgraded from an 1080ti to the MSI 3090ti. Display Port can't connect. I just finished all the Support steps still nothing. Will check with Nvidia support tomorrow as well. Ordered an Reverb G2 V2 to test if the problems are also there, otherwise I will switch headsets.

Let us know if the Reverb G2 V2 works for you. I have heard of a lot of users also having the same issue with the G2. But I will also switch if it does resolve the issue. I was reading in some other forums that a powered USB 3.0 PCI express card have helped some issue with certain cards. I just tried the Inatek PCI-e and same result with that as well.