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360 Photos -- MyPhotos -- no longer functions

Level 2
Posted to Samsung Gear VR forum on June 6, "My photos gone" ... only replies were several "me too", "same problem".

My sole function for the Gear VR is surround photo viewing of my own pictures.  As such, the device is as good as dead to me.

When I select 360 Photos I get the menu [1] New Photos, [2] Weekly Destination, [3] Explore the World, [4] 3D Art, [5] Nature, and [6] My Photos.  Clicking any of the other choices [1] through [5] works.  If I select [6] My Photos, the top label "My Photos" appears above tabs "Newest" and "A to Z".  Whatever content was displayed from prior choices [1] through [5], the prior content remains ... it is never replaced with my photos.

As I explained in the June 6 post I've uninstalled all Oculus apps and reloaded them ... no joy (still doesn't work).

The 360 Photos app used to work perfectly with all surround photos taken on my phone, my own surround stitched photos, and surround photos from a Gear360 camera as well as an Insta360 camera.  No My Photos appear anymore in the 360 Photos app My Photos since the last update.

Level 2
I'm experiencing the same issue. Have you found a fix anywhere? My phone is an S8

Level 2
I would look at my 360 camera app before troubleshooting it.

Level 2
I'm having the same problem, I'm studying unit to make an app for it, it's the only solution I see in the short term. This additional to unity helps a lot, but is paid!/content/54789