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360 photo display scale is off compared to other devices

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I have seen similar threads going back to 2015 about this, but no resolution. I'm taking 360 degree photos with a GoPro Fusion, and when I view them on most devices, like my iPhone XS using a headset, the scale feels correct. When I view them on my Quest, everything seems too large. It could partially be a height issue, as the tripod I have doesn't quite raise the camera up to my height (6'), but that doesn't explain the difference in how the photos appear on other devices vs the Quest. Presumably, if they can be displayed correctly on a different device, it should be possible to display them correctly on the Quest, right? Ultimately these will go into Unity to be used as scene backdrops, so I could make device specific adjustments to the images or settings as needed, if I can figure out what those changes should be.

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But Im having this same problem with my 3d 360 panos looking too big - its a big issue for me, as im an architect and its meant to be giving the client a view of the space. 360 panos taken with eye level height of 1.7m, Looking at it through the quest you feel like youre standing off the ground and everythings too big (its like 1.5x scale!).

Only happens with my occulus quest, cardboard/cheap vr headset with phone works fine. 
- I may have to take the quest back if this isnt sortable as its useless as it is (not true to life)

Hi Neal,

did you eventually find an answer to your problem? I've got a similar issue with my 360 renders, looking way to big..

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi there! 

We would love to get your graphics fixed, and get you back to gaming as quickly as possible. 

In order to get your graphics back to its original state, you must preform a factory reset. 


This should fix your display issues, but if the problem continues please submit a ticket via the Oculus Support page. 

Our agents will be able to assist you from there. 

I hope this helps, and we will see you in VR! 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

There's a few things that could affect panorama apparent scale.

For 3D panoramas: does the IPD of the capture system (or renderer) match your IPD and the headset IPD? For example, if you captured or generated the 3D panorama with 60mm IPD but you really have 64mm IPD, everything will look larger.

For 2D panoramas: what program are you viewing it with? Usually the panoramas are wrapped onto a sphere for rendering. There's no way to know how big the sphere should be, different software might use different sizes. The actual image will be the correct size, but your subconscious is getting depth info from the sphere itself and that makes everything feel the wrong scale. For example if the sphere is 20m radius, looking down will feel like the floor is gigantic and far away.

So changing the viewing program may fix the issue.


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Hey Kojack,
concerning the 360 panoramas (2D),

The render engine used is Podium V2.6 plus. 3D software package Sketchup Pro 2020.
The viewer is the standard TV mode in the Oculus Quest 2. Maybe you can advise on a different viewer or method to view the 360 (2D) images. I am new to the Oculus Quest 2 and haven't found a way to adjust viewing sizes in the Oculus Tv Mode.