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3D 360 videos swapping eyes on Gear VR

Level 2
Issue: viewing original stereoscopic 360 content on the Gear VR is flipping eyes.

I've tested this by creating a very simple environment in which the eye offset is quite distinct; I've verified that the image and the video look correct. I have named the file "Test_360_LR.mp4" and placed it on the phone (Galaxy S6) in the Oculus/360 Videos folder.

I then visually verify that the 3D image I'm seeing is displaying the right eye image on the left eye, and the left eye image on the right eye. Curiously, it will display correctly if I flip the VR headset upside-down.

Also, I can get the video to display properly if I rename it (incorrectly) "Test_360_RL.mp4".

Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening?